Friday, March 31, 2023

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Judge rescinds Obamacare coverage to prevent HIV and cancer in the United States

A Texas federal judge on Thursday struck down a key provision of the Prejudice Act, known as the . Obamacareand put it like this the...








What is solar power and how does it help you save on your electricity bill?

The economic crisis or the increased cost of energy force us to look up: roofs and solar panels can be a solution only in the...

Lamborghini Scrambled: so the first hybrid Sant’Agata

In the year of the brand's 60th anniversary, Lamborghini...

Only 7% of Spanish companies are mature in cybersecurity silicone

Cisco presented its Cybersecurity Readiness Index report, in which...

On matters of technological innovation

Karl Angove, managing director of Epson Iberia, shares the...


Gaviria: “I have to express my discipline, the cycle has changed.”

It has not been easy for Fernando Gaviria in recent years. To go through his life proves that he did not expect. Pandemic,...


Auto Mobile

He wanted the future to be lower

PUNTA ARENAS, Chile.— Although for a large part of...