1 Print 2 Dress and 1 Jumpsuit in Parfois to Solve Your Summer

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    Parfois has given us not one or two, but Three perfect outfits that can be the envy of anyone this summer. In the middle of the season, they’ve launched this trilogy and although we already have our brains (and our credit cards) oriented toward outfits from the back to the office, they’ve given us less of the three pieces. Be sure to get at least one. They provide us. Two dresses and a short jumpsuit. All with one very colorful wide-striped print that makes us fall in love (and so much more).

    There are so many trends that this summer of 2022 are forcing us to create outfits to remember, that range from pink to extreme ‘cut outs’. But we also always want to surrender to the classic costumes that succeed. Of course, if they have a little ‘twist’, better is better. That’s why we were so excited to see this amazing Parfois collection. Three matching garments with which you can add a dash of glamor without losing your own style. Each is designed for one type of woman. We are very clear about what we will be.

    Of the two dresses and jumpsuits that Parfois has launched, we absolutely love the long dress with straps. We love going to the beach with a carrycoat and a hat, but we can also wear it on the town with an open-and-knot shirt and sneakers. The other dress option is the short and shirt style. The jumpsuit is short, sleeveless, very fluid, with a shirt collar and lots of rolazo.

    parfois striped dresses and jumpsuits


    parfois striped dresses and jumpsuits


    parfois striped dresses and jumpsuits


    Parfois Midi Strappy Dress with Striped Print costs €29.99 . Is

    Parfois Short Striped Print Shirt Dress costs €25.99 . Is

    Parfois Striped Print Shirt Playsuit price €32.99 . Is

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