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Thursday, May 6, 2021

1 year of mob lynching of sadhus in Palghar … not justice yet, 181 accused released

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Who would not be such a good man in the whole country, whose heart is not disturbed after the killing of two sadhus in Palghar. Call it the propaganda of Christian missionaries, the ineffectiveness of the Maharashtra police or the result of a widespread conspiracy against the Hindus, it had to be paid to the sadhus and a driver accompanying them. On Friday (April 16, 2021), 1 year of this tragic assassination came to an end.

Event Something like this A crowd of around 500 surrounded him when Kalpavriksh Giri Maharaj (70) and Sushil Giri Maharaj (35) were passing through the village of Gargachinchale in Palghar with their driver Nilesh Talgade (30). This area falls in Dahanu Tehsil. Both these sadhus hailing from Nashik were related to Shri Pancha Dasnama Juna Akhara, which is headquartered in Varanasi. It is one of the largest akhadas of sadhus.

Now let’s understand the background of this incident. A few days earlier, there was a rumor in the village that some human smugglers were roaming around, doing business of kidnapping and buying of kidneys, especially those selling kidneys in the black market. After this, the villagers started to remain alert even at night. The sadhus and their driver were attacked as kidnappers. The incident took place under the Casa police station.

The biggest thing is that this mass murder took place in front of the policemen present there, but they did not even try to save these innocent sadhus from the crowd, in return they handed them to the crowd. Here the question arises whether Hindu sadhus were deliberately targeted under the guise of a rumor? Seeing the activities of Christian missionaries and the Naxal activities there, it seems that hatred towards the saffron was already emerging.

The same was found by an independent fact-finding committee led by a former judge to investigate the incident. Then the Maharashtra ‘Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA)’ government took just a few days more than 4 months after coming to power. Uddhav Thackeray’s party Shiv Sena not only made the Congress-NCP, its ideologically opposite, not only its partner, but was still running the government with their help. The Shiv Sena betrayed the BJP after the election.

If all this happened while a party that claimed to be a Hinduist was in power, then questions were also asked to it. The incident occurred at a time when the country was under lockdown and in Maharashtra the Corona situation has been worse since the beginning. Where there was a ban on mobilization of more than 5 people, there was a ban on leaving without work from home, how did the murderous crowd of 500 openly leave? The Uddhav government was always under damage control.

Also understand the statistics of village population. According to the 2011 census, there are 1300 people living in this village, out of which 93% belong to the SC / ST community. This village is situated on the border of Maharashtra and Union Territory of Dadar and Nagar Haveli. And those monks were not wandering without work. His mentor Mahant Shriram Giri had passed away. These two people were going to attend their funeral along with their driver.

The investigation of this case was given to CID. A total of 251 accused were arrested, including 13 minors. Right now only 70 of them are in custody and the rest somehow managed to get bail. The charge sheet has been filed and the trial is going on. Senior advocate Satish Manashinde is the public prosecutor against the accused, while the accused have made Amrit Adhikar and Atul Patil their advocate.

In a hurry, many police officers of the area were transferred at that time and many were removed, but the hope of justice still seems bleak. The then Home Minister of the state Anil Deshmukh is facing CBI inquiry in the matter of recovery of 100 crores. He has resigned from the post. Palghar’s boil has not cooled yet. The names of the people who made weapons to Dalits and minors, their name has not yet been revealed.

But, people should not forget how Anil Deshmukh then shared the list of names of the accused on social media and claimed that an attempt was being made to create communal tension in the name of this incident, but one of the accused Are not Muslims. The rumor was said to be behind this incident, but why should it always be targeted by the saffron warrior? More such incidents occurred in the area.

A monk named Shivacharya was killed in May 2020 in Nanded. At the end of May 2020, the temple was looted and priests attacked Incident occurred. Some armed men entered Baliwali of Vasai taluka and looted the awakened Mahadev temple. The temple’s Mahant Shankaranand Saraswati and his followers were attacked. Can there be no hatred for Hindu religion behind repeated incidents of such incidents in any region?

Palghar has a long history of insulting Hindu religion and deities by Christian missionaries. During a similar incident, some Hindus surrounded the missionaries and raised objections. Hanuman ji was called ‘monkey’ and Lord Ganesha was called ‘elephant’. The missionaries did this in a program to induce Christian conversion. A few days ago, there was a talk of forcibly converting students in Virar, Mumbai.

The seed of hatred was already sprouting. But in this case, the Liberal gang and the media did not raise the question to the government, did not raise a demand for justice nor condemned the murder. Nothing happened in the manner in which Narrative was run throughout the year on the death of Tabrez Ansari. If the deceased is a Muslim, then his crimes are hidden and the reason is different, yet the infamous Hindus are done only.

The independent fact-finding committee of lawyers, retired judges, journalists, activists and retired police officers had said that the policemen present there could have stopped the murder if they wanted to but they chose to join the conspiracy of violence. According to their report, the movement is going on in Palghar on the lines of Pathalgadi in Jharkhand. The leftists are provoking the tribals not to respect the law, government and the constitution.

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