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10 Foods That Take Most Care of the Brain and Protect Your Memory

A diet rich in antioxidants and healthy fats is essential for brain cells.

feed is the key to the health of Brain, diet rich in antioxidant why healthy fats essential for brain cells, eat fit moderate and avoiding excess is healthy, as well exercisethe best way to prevent obesity, It is becoming increasingly clear that a Direct link between obesity and cognitive disordersS (loss of memory, decreased ability to react and correlate data, reduced concentration, decreased ability to react …)

We explore the foods that you should include in your diet if you want to take care of your memory and protect your brain at the same time.

1. One ounce of dark chocolate daily

Chocolate can almost be a drug for those who forget about themselves antioxidantEspecially its flavonoids. But not just any: If it contains a lot of saturated fat or added sugar, harmful effects outweigh benefits, having said that, look at the label,

choose one with a higher percentage of cocoa solids, Not from cocoa butter, which is also called theobroma oil and is made from the fat around the bean. It has great flavor, but few flavonoids. If you don’t see this difference in the packaging, be suspicious that it contains too much fat.

Sugar also shouldn’t be a major ingredient. In fact, it’s better to look for chocolate that doesn’t contain added sugars or flavorings that mask its bitterness.

2. Two liters of water per day

The brain, like muscles and kidneys, has a higher concentration of water than the rest of the body.

in the colder months we drink less fluid, And although this is logical, since we don’t sweat, we must keep in mind that heat can “dry” us out, inside and out. Our body is 70% water.

why the same happens with our brain, where the major element is also liquid. because, When you don’t get everything you need, you find yourself more irritable, you get headaches, You slow down your reflexes and you remember things worse. Many scholars say that this slows down in thinking, remembering or making decisions occurs already with mild dehydration, only 2%.

3. Brain hydrated with infusions

fresh water is the best option To hydrate, but also these other drinks. They are healthy and low calorie. infusion with double effect (Consult your doctor if you take medication or suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes)

  • carom flowers. It contains a substance called apigenin, which strengthens the connections between neurons, which is essential for keeping the brain young.
  • Mint or rosemary. Rosemary helps in better concentration and according to some studies, peppermint improves long-term memory and alertness.
  • Chamomile or sage. The first contains apigenin (like thyme); And the second affects the processes that improve all neurological functions.

4. Juice

  • Pear + Spinach + Kiwi + Ginger. It benefits you for the fiber it provides (reduces the absorption of sugar) and for its antioxidant compounds.
  • Black Grapes + Pomegranate + Orange. Taking this mixture daily ensures good memory. It is rich in polyphenols, vitamin C and folic acid.
  • Blueberry + Lemon + Apple. Whenever possible, use red apples with the skin on (preferably organic). Thus it provides antioxidant organic acids.

5. Omega 3 against Alzheimer’s

Most research agrees: Omega 3 is “food” for the brain. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits as well as anti-amyloid plaque and anti-tau benefits., Which means it may help prevent some cases of Alzheimer’s.

a published study The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease also confirmed that patients with higher levels of omega 3 receive more blood to their brain, which improves their performance and prevents deterioration.

they are oils also known as hydrogenated, These fatty acids damage neurons. Make sure they are not included in what you buy.

6. Avocado and Pumpkin Seeds

Both the one and the other are considered super food for the brain. Have them daily!

If you buy a pumpkin, Do not throw away its seeds. Let them dry and put them in purees or yogurts (you can even fry them a bit).

one medium avocado A day ensures that the brain always has lutein (also good for the eyes), which makes it better. Crush the bone to take advantage of its chemical compounds.

7. Turmeric

One gram of turmeric improves all brain functions 6 hours after taking it,

8. Capers

Boston University has shown that capers They provide a good amount of polyphenols which improve the brain.

in pasta or fishAdd a handful of these to dishes or to your salads and you’ll give them a very special flavor.

9. Antioxidants to prevent brain aging

Neurons are very sensitive to free radicals… which oxidize them.

Try to imagine an old metal object. how does it look like? Rusted? Certainly, because the air, the oxygen, gives it a rusted appearance. Exactly the same thing happens in our cells.

In fact, it is certain molecules—free radicals—that harm them. but There are ways to reduce this negative result.,

foods with antioxidants They block the effects of free radicals, thereby preventing premature aging.

Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables Daily is a good solution. But above all, have turmeric, tomatoes, capers and purple and red fruits.

10. Blueberries and Black Grapes for Neurons

Both these vegetables help in keeping the nerve cells of the brain healthy and active. Its resveratrol “gives life” to your neurons.,

They also contain many antioxidants.

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