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10 home remedies to get rid of underarm sweat and bad odor

03.27.2023 – 10:34h Updated 03.27.2023 – 10:38h

Or do you sweat more with the onset of heat and your wings smell bad? Don’t worry it’s something common that has an easy solution. In this guide, you can consult how to fight excessive sweating, whether you are a man or a woman, with home remedies and certain products, so that you can put an end to this inconvenience once and for all. And by the way, to reduce the smell that creates sweat from the wings.

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Take care of yourself

1 Strong foods such as garlic, alcohol or coffee or wine. In many cases, bad body odor results from glandular and hormonal issues, so eat more fruits and vegetables to avoid increasing body odor.

Don’t neglect your health care

2 You will gradually reduce your sweat by preventing bad odor tricks, for example, you will carefully wash your wings with plenty of water and no soap. Always clean the leftover deodorant from the day before to prevent fungus or bacteria.


3Baking soda is commonly used to combat bad odors in general. Also move your wings when they start sniffing. It is not necessary to apply it with a cotton ball and then remove it. Another precaution is to use a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with lemon juice in the bath to control underarm odor due to sweat. Do these activities after washing or spraying.

The government has too much sweat in its wings

4. Are there any medicines for hygiene, so as not to cause perspiration? Hyperhidrosis is a problem that can cause strong odor in both men and women. To combat unpleasant odors, if you happen to sweat too much, apply an infusion with thyme or sea dew and your wings. You can also apply aloe vera to the areas where you sweat the most.

Choose your clothes so that you don’t sweat

5 Did you know that certain fabrics or colors of clothing can make you sweat more? Avoid tight and synthetic clothing to help your skin breathe better. And take care about the black color of your clothes, because despite the fact that it makes you thinner, it is also heat that attracts more of the sun’s rays, and therefore you will attract more heat in your clothes, and you will begin to sweat. faster They will wear white and natural clothes.

wings shaved

6 An aesthetic problem not only shaven armpits, but also health, when the hair can also respond to a bad smell due to the accumulation of bacteria or fungi.

Deodorants and antiperspirants to reduce odors

7. It is a chemical solution, but it is effective in a few hours. If your goal is to reduce the odor from excessive sweat, just apply one of these deodorant products and the bad smell or sweat on your clothes will disappear. Of course, remember that the smell of sweat is temporary and does not always result in a pleasant smell mixed with these products.


Vigorous activities, both physical and mental, produce more sweat in your body. Yoga, meditation, looking for the positive side of things, listening to music, sleeping… Find out how to lead an easier life in your work and relationships to avoid bad smells.


9 There are drugs that can increase sweating. If you notice a change since you started taking the drug, you should consult your doctor so that he can prescribe something similar that does not cause sweating.

Consult a dermatologist

10 If you still have problems after following all these tips, you should consult a professional about the possible medical treatments that exist. You are likely to be diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Then your solution will be some of the techniques that are currently used, from Botox injections, the most expensive, to the removal of sweat glands with surgery, a procedure performed on the patient under local anesthesia.

Another option is thermolysis, which uses microwaves to kill sweat glands, or iontophoresis, a technique in which electric currents are applied to reduce sweat. Also, a drug prescribed by a doctor or a sympathectomy, a surgery that requires hospitalization and kills the nerves that move sweat.

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