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10 reasons to watch Wolverine and the X-Men

Wolverine and the X-Men. definitely. It’s one of the best Marvel animated series and one of the great forgotten ones. And it’s a shame. Truth. But it’s totally understandable since the series only aired for one season. And some followers could scratch.

wolverine and the x-men He was one of the collateral victims of Disney’s entry into Marvel. Since Disney they decided to restart the whole area of ​​Marvel animation on television and Wolverine and the X-Men were the first to fall. next. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But we are not here to lament after the rain. And in this post I will give you 10 reasons to watch Wolverine and the X-Men. One of the best animated series of mutants for you to enjoy. With only one season! And thus give Wolverine and the X-Men more than a fair chance. If you haven’t already.

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Here are 10 reasons why you should watch it:

1. Plot

wolverine and the x-men It starts right off with the end of X-Men. With the death of Jean Gray and Professor Xavier. In a horrific accident about which we will learn more details throughout the series. One year after the fateful day. The situation for mutants is more dangerous than ever. No X-Men. Mutants are more hated and persecuted than ever. There is a powerful government organization dedicated to hunting them down and Wolverine decides to rejoin the X-Men to balance the scales. Then and there, hope becomes tangible with the repair of Javier’s unconscious body. Who wakes up 20 years in the future in a world ravaged by Sentinels and teams up with Wolverine to try to rewrite the past in order to change the future. Go. A day in the future past. Give it some twist.

The series was born in the wake of the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, What I mean is that Wolverine takes center stage but he hasn’t forgotten about the rest of the X-Men. Each episode focuses on one of them. While the horizontal frames are colliding. Creating a crescendo that takes us to the final episode where all the cards are revealed. We find more or less recognizable adaptations. But the series focuses more on recreating them in their own light and it works. The scale of the story escalates until it reaches the level of the Phoenix. And it’s totally addictive. 26 episodes. it’s pleasure.

2. Future Past Days

Wolverine and the X-Men allow themselves the luxury of combining great sagas days of Future Past With all the mythology that the mutants have nurtured over the years and the postmodernist overtones, he does a great job of synthesis that touches on all the fundamental sticks of the X-Men. And he knows how to play his cards well.

Because Wolverine is currently dealing with his own problems together with the X-Men. Xavier will do the same in a future where the Sentinels and Master Mold are doing their thing with their concentration camps. While in that future Xavier is forced to form his own new X-Men. There are many plot twists. And of course the two collide at certain points. Which shows how careful the whole set is.

3. The future of Marvel Studios

There’s been a lot of speculation about what route Marvel Studios will take with mutants… but I think this series could be the answer. It is not in vain. Kevin Feige is credited as executive producer. And let us not forget that Feige started out as a production assistant on the X-Men movie, where he made a name for himself. So you know what the X-Men are. And it’s already been speculated that Marvel Studios’ X-Men will drink properly amazing x-men Joss Whedon and John Cassaday are what Wolverine and the X-Men drink from. opportunity? I can’t believe it.

Morrison’s New X-Men and Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men allowed mutants to enter the 21st century through the front door, giving us stages to remember and with the most iconic lineup ever.

New suits for Wolverine, Shadowcat, Beast…etc lean to The Dawn, with the inclusion of Cyclops and the Emma Frost relationship. to risk. The Hellfire Club. Breakworld. In fact, there are several allusions to those phases in the series. It is based on both the most classic and the most contemporary.

4. Love Letter to Mutant Mythology

Unlike the first series of X-Men. wolverine and the x-men It doesn’t try to replicate any of the famous mutant sagas, but instead weaves them all into a complex tapestry that doesn’t forget any of the tropes that have always surrounded Children of the Atom.

passing through magneto. Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Senator Kelly. Sentinel. Mutant Registration Act. Mojo. Master Mold. Ajax. Morlocks. Fakirs! Genosha. Best Scarlet Witch. Polaris. Dr Rao. Terrible. demonic. Rover. treatment. There are also moments where we see the origins of the original X-Men brought to life by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Chariot. Weapon-X. Steps. Robber. The Harvesters. Mutant Response Division. The Hellfire Club. Fenix. Apocalypse.

They know how to build a solid story with all the mythology that feels like something new and surprising to even the most seasoned of mutants.

5. Wolverine and the Los X-Men

wolverine and the x-men He doesn’t forget the characters and uses them wisely, making them all grow and establishing a clear evolutionary arc for everyone involved.

Starting with Wolverine, who certainly shines the most as he receives all the weight of the series, he returns to form the X-Men and forges a unique relationship with the comatose Professor Xavier, while he returns to chaos. Dealing with future; Cyclops also delivers a few episodes to highlight; Emma Frost becomes one of the great discoveries of the series and reveals the time in which it is based; The Beast, Storm is a literal goddess, Angel has a very interesting arc, Iceman, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Forge…

And Xavier also eats his share of the limelight by showing us a more warrior Professor X than ever before in that dystopian future dominated by Sentinels. But that doesn’t forget Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Polaris, Mercury, Arena, among many others. It’s full of cameos!

6. Wolverine Lovers

Wolverine has been one of Marvel’s most beloved characters and it’s always been a paradox because he’s not a character you can empathize with very much.

Still, the journey that the series creates allows Logan to grow as a character by taking the reins of the X-Men, something we’ve already seen in the comics but the first time he’s dared to do so in the series. did. Leaving the Eternal Leader in the background. Cyclops. and quiet.

Let them make Wolverine more than just a badass tough guy. It may have an evolutionary arc. Let him find pieces of his past as he faces the future. such a great.

In fact, the series features classic Wolverine villains such as Sabretooth, Mystique, Weapon-X, Stryker, Mariko Yashida, The Silver Samurai, Sinister, and more. They fit the pace perfectly and sometimes even allow themselves to be X-Force. X-Men Black Ops.

Marvel later inherited the title in a comic where Wolverine would reopen the Xavier Institute as the Jean Gray Institute and become something like Hogwarts for the X-Universe. Everything is a matter of happiness.

7. Animation

The animation is also a very positive point as it can be enjoyed despite the previous times, with quite well drawn cinematics, in 2D animation, it presents a very solid aspect and is in sync with the narrative of the series comes

It’s important to see how all the characters use their abilities and it pays off. Because everyone has a chance to shine and show their different and varied strengths. The colors are very fresh and dynamic. And the effects are very well rendered. The characters feel alive. That’s what’s important.

8. Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle

We’ve talked about Kevin Feige but without a doubt the two great guys in charge of the series are Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle, a pair that already topped X-Men: Evolution where he introduced X-23 and later jumped over to Marvel Comics in New X-Men, X-Force and X-Men to give us decent stages of mutants in cartoons as well as being responsible for scripting a few movies Can be made Marvel Studios.

The pair are exposed in Wolverine and the X-Men and by using their most contemporary fetish characters they create a story that doesn’t feel compelled to please just a fan service, but is meant to be its own entity. together forms a chain that is completely removed from everything we know. But we essentially recognize them. And it is that love for mutants and X-Men is noticeable in all their eras. This is a great tribute.

9. The Great Forgotten

The current age of streaming sometimes makes us overlook products that, either due to time or desire, we end up forgetting…more wolverine and the x-men he’s not worth it,

classic series of X Men He had five seasons on the road; why X-Men: Evolution He was not far behind in his four seasons; But the synthesis work that Wolverine and the X-Men achieve is worth mentioning. They stop retelling the origins to introduce a whole lot of action. In a season few fans can sing and even more so when Disney wanted everyone to forget it so they wouldn’t feel bad seeing how it ended. Because there were signs of further continuation in the series.

10. Cameo

Last but not least we also have Wolverine and the X-Men giving us the occasional funny cameo like in the episode of Wolverine vs. Hulk where we have Nick Fury as a surprise guest and Hulk.

Wolverine’s weight in the series allows him to play and honor the clawed mutant’s first appearance as well. As I mentioned, an endless number of mutants appear, from the most classic to the most modern. X-23 We love you. Get ready to see all known and unknown mutants. That’s great. Pure fan service. and better

You can watch the complete series on Disney Plus.

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