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10 simple and routine exercises you can do at home to get rid of flabby abdominal muscles

Aging, Bad habits or the hormonal changes Are the Main reasons out of flabby stomach. If you want eliminate it include in yours routine These simple exercises you can do at home.

He aging The poor diet He sedentary lifestyle Come on Weight changes the consumption of Alcohol and tobacco Come on hormonal changes or stress is usually behind it flabby stomach. “It should not be confused with that localized fat in the stomach, but it is a excess skin“, explains the doctor Mercedes Silvestre, specialist in aesthetic medicine. Fortunately, there is a solution cosmetic treatments, plastic surgery oh, above all, specific exercises.

Benefits of exercises for flabby abdominal muscles

Jorge Sanz a sports medicine expert, points out the main benefits of exercises for flabby abdominal muscles:

  • Improves the Muscular endurance: This makes it easier to carry out daily tasks.
  • Increases the Muscle strength: this will help you achieve improve posture j Avoid injuries.
  • Improves the blood circulation and digestion: They are two of them most important processes of the organism and will be more efficient with exercises to combat flabby abdominal muscles.
  • Accelerates metabolism: That makes it easier Fat burning and therefore the weight loss.

Exercises to reduce abdominal flaccidity

If you want to reduce abdominal flaccidity and show off, a tight stomach, was standing j marked Include these in your routine once and for all simple exercises What you can do at home.

Abdominal planks cannot be missing from your training program

Patry Jordan presents a routine in one of his videos iron for train your stomach. The most suitable for this area are the Belly boards. It’s about Support your knees and that Forearms on the floor while keeping your back completely straight and stable core.

Oblique crunch, simple exercise to train the lateral sections of the abdomen

He oblique crunching It is a simple exercise to prevent skin sagging Side parts of the stomach. lie down on the floor j Rotate your hips intersection a Leg over others. With one hand on your stomach and the other on your head, lifts the body easily and returns to the Starting position. Then repeat with that other side.

Scissors to reduce abdominal flaccidity

Lying face up on the mat, lift one leg while you hold the other one stretched without touching the ground and We take turns. With the Scissors You will reduce abdominal flaccidity while You train the glutes, hips j Quadriceps j They increase stability from you core.

Effective against flabby stomach: push-ups

read pushups You are a simple exercise j effective for strengthening the muscles of the abdomen. They work too Triceps and that Chest muscles. The fitness influencer Jessica Martin Moreno teaches how start doing Pushups.

Incorporate squats into your exercise routine to eliminate flabby abdominal muscles

Maria Martinez from Feel young teaches us a routine from six minutes con Squats. To perform this exercise you must Spread your legs on the width of the shoulders and Bend your knees maintaining the Just back and the active core. In addition to helping you Eliminate sagging of the stomach, it will help you Clay legs j buttocks.

Cardio workout to eliminate stomach flabby: jumping rope

Jump to swing It is a Cardio training With which You will burn a lot of calories and also eliminate abdominal sagging. The athlete Gerard Rodríguez teaches on his channel Youtube A Beginner routine What you can do at home.

With your knees at your chest, you will get a toned stomach

The exercise of Knees to chest consists of the increase alternative way every Knee give small jumps. Can Place your hands In horizontal position in front of your waist for marking where you should go. It will help you get a toned stomach.

To strengthen the abdominal area, make bikes at home

read Cycles Son easy to do at home and Perfect for hardening The Zona abdominalis. Lying on a mat, Bend your legs and put your hands behind them Head. Then wear one Knee until elbow of opposite arm Simulation of the pedaling movement.

Lunge with twist, a simple exercise to train the abdomen, buttocks and legs

apart from abdomen with the Twist lunges You will also work the glutes Legs. You can do this simple exercise con O weightless. With feet slightly spread, put one leg forward j Flexwing. The other needs to be folded up touch the ground form an angle of 90 degrees. Upon reaching this position rotate the torso to the side of the front leg with the outstretched arms. Then return to the Starting position and repeat with other leg.

Finish the slackening of the stomach with leg raises

face up on the mat, straighten your legs and hold your straight arms on the pages. Next, Raise your legs without bending them until they form one right angle with the body. Then return to the Starting position. This exercise will help you get rid of flabby abdominal muscles as the horizontal posture works the muscles. internal oblique muscles.

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