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10 The Walking Dead: Dead City Predictions We Hope Come True

The Walking Dead: Dead City withWill premiere in April 2023 and will continue the story of Negan and Maggie in The Walking Dead, For unexpected reasons, the unlikely couple ends up together in New York City, providing a whole new setting for the story with exciting new characters and plots.

Fans already know a few things about the series, including the couple traveling to New York together, though they’re still not exactly friends or buddies with each other. But fans also have some predictions, and they’re keeping their fingers and toes crossed, hoping they come true.

10/10 Maggie and Negan buried the hatchet.

Although it’s a long shot, fans are hopeful Walking Dead: Dead The city may see Maggie and Negan finally reunite in a way that doesn’t have much tension between them. While it’s understandable that Maggie can’t quite get along with Negan, she’s also admitted that she feels like she can trust him now. He has also accepted that he saved and protected his son.

This may be wishful thinking, but it’s possible that by the end of the series, if not the season (assuming there’s a renewal), Maggie will finally be able to accept that Negan isn’t the same person he was then.

9/10 Glen appears in a dream or vision10 Predicciones De Walking Dead Dead City Que Esperamos Que Se Hagan Realidad 1

Glen is a of charactersThe Walking Dead fan favorite, and the one they most want to return to the franchise. Of course, that’s impossible, given not only that he’s dead, but the brutal and gruesome nature in which the character was killed.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Glenn could appear in some sort of dream sequence talking to Maggie or even as a manifestation of Negan’s guilt. If it’s done right and doesn’t look like it’s pandering to the audience, it can be beneficial to the fans.

8/10 Negan becomes a father10 Predicciones De Walking Dead Dead City Que Esperamos Que Se Hagan Realidad 2

The One Aspect Of Negan’s Life That Was Left Up In The Air After The End Of The Series on foot Dead were his wife Annie and their unborn child. Since the new season will take place a few years after the events of The Walking deadFans speculate that the baby will eventually be born, and that Negan will be a father for 2-3 years by then.

Whether or not Annie survives remains to be seen. Some prophecies suggest that the kidnapping of their children, Negan and Hershel’s unborn child, leads them both to travel to New York together.

7/10 have crossovers with other series10 Predicciones De Walking Dead Dead City Que Esperamos Que Se Hagan Realidad 3

With several other spinoffs on the horizon, including Daryl Dixon and the untitled spinoff Rick and Michonne, both of which will also premiere in 2023 alongside the long-running spinoff Fear the Walking. Dead, there’s a lot of opportunity for crossovers.

Morgan and Dwight’s characters travel from Atlanta to Texas and Virginia, where they meet the team afraid to walk died and joined that cast. So it is possible that others will also intersect in some way. Though dead City is in New York, Daryl Dixon is in Paris, and the Rick and Michonne series is possibly set in Pennsylvania, there may still be ways for them to intersect. This can be through traveling back and forth, or even being involved in a communication system to physically interact in different locations.

6/10 Old Negan Returns10 Predicciones De Walking Dead Dead City Que Esperamos Que Se Hagan Realidad 4

It’s almost certain that the new series will feature glimpses of the old Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, told Entertainment Weekly: “Negan has a chance to fall into some old habits, because everything is a survival mechanism to him, especially if he’s not with the group,” adding that being around the group “tame” him in a way. and made him “stop being” who he was.”

Based on these comments, fans are predicting that old Negan may rear its head, eerie memories of the days when The Walking Dead Too Far Gone: (Read: The death of Glenn and Abraham and a lot of what the “old” Negan did). While he may be on Maggie’s side this time around, others may experience Negan’s terrifying wrath. “You’re likely to fall into old traps and behaviors.”

5/10 The return of Lucille 2.010 Predicciones De Walking Dead Dead City Que Esperamos Que Se Hagan Realidad 5

It was a symbolic moment when Negan picked up Lucille, thought of his memories of his wife, Lucille, and lit the barbed wire bat. This marked a real change in his personality and his new way of living. That being said, fans fell in love with the character in the first place because she was a sly but charming victim they loved to loathe.

While it would be normal for Negan to find another bat, tie some barbed wire to it, and toss it back over his shoulder (even worse if done with a black leather jacket and red bandana to go with it), fan predictions Will find a Lucille 2.0 of some sort. Ideally, it would be some sort of new weapon that would become Negan’s new signature and have similar symbolic meaning.

4/10 Most Evolved Walker10 Predicciones De Walking Dead Dead City Que Esperamos Que Se Hagan Realidad 6

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple teased to that the new series will include “a lot of conflict”. [y] Lots of action”, but above all he noted that “the walkers are insane”, walkers who have been isolated on Manhattan Island for 12 years. The few survivors live on all the higher floors and zip to get around. use lines.

This leads fans to speculate that in later episodes the new advanced walkers, the secrets ofthe walking dead That would just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Dead City walkers that were never resolved. Fans will remember that the group watched walkers do everything from climbing a ladder to lifting a rock and swinging on it.

3/10 Taking advantage of iconic places in New York10 Predicciones De Walking Dead Dead City Que Esperamos Que Se Hagan Realidad 7

in an interview given to DiversityMorgan drew notable New York City landmarks as the series’ backdrop, including Fifth Avenue, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. Fans can expect some of these iconic locations, and others, to feature prominently in the series.

Imagine, for example, a bunch of walkers on top of the Empire State Building, or a bunch of them around the Empire State Building with Maggie and Negan trying to climb safely. There are lots of opportunities to use different destinations within the Big Apple and surrounding boroughs in unique ways.

2/10 Beloved character cameo10 Predicciones De Walking Dead Dead City Que Esperamos Que Se Hagan Realidad 8

adespite all byproduct D on foot the dead who are cooking are saved by the other characters on foot Dead whose new life will not be sought further. But fans are predicting that there will be a cameo or two, especially in this series where Negan and Maggie aren’t that far from the rest of the group.

It could be couples chatting with Eugene on the radio or Rick and Michonne bumping into each other. If this last pair is in Pennsylvania, it’s not too far from New York, and they could possibly bump into each other somehow along the way.

1/10 renewal of the second season10 Predicciones De Walking Dead Dead City Que Esperamos Que Se Hagan Realidad 9

The first season will only last for six episodes, but fans are hoping and predicting that the series will be renewed for a second season. There’s a lot of story left to tell about the apocalypse, not to mention the many loose ends left by The Walking Dead’s finale. There are also bridges to cross with these two characters. Six episodes doesn’t seem like enough.

It depends on how the series is doing when the episodes are released. SinHowever, with the two main characters already fan favorites and a talented cast, including Gaius Charles (Friday Night Lightsgrey’s anatomy) and Zeljko Ivanek(Harm), fans speculate that the series will last for much longer than one season.

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