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10 tips from Galician doctor Manuel Viso so that Christmas doesn’t overwhelm you

Media is a hematologist and head of emergencies at San Rafael Hospital in A Coruña. This is Manuel Viso, who, in addition to being a doctor, is a collaborator on Radio Voz, Television de Galicia, Cuatro and Telecinco. From this hospital based in As Xubias, he has prepared this list of 10 tips to avoid losing shape or health during Christmas celebrations.

1. Celebrate these dates on established days

There is a majority tendency to push the start of Christmas. Supermarkets bring forward the sale of Christmas sweets, cities turn on their decorative lights earlier and earlier and the Christmas Lottery can be bought from the month of July.

« Watch out for Christmas, for there are five days, six at most. they can’t start in mid november Because there is no body that can bear it, nor any scale that can support it, ”says Manuel Viso.

According to studies, The weight of people increases between three to five kilograms during this period., And losing them can be a chore. However, Viso points out that a slight increase is not actually harmful: «Growing one kilo is inevitable, but five is a significant amount. And it’s very easy if you’re careless, so you have to be very careful.”

2. Do not fast in the last meal

Arriving hungry to a big lunch or dinner is a serious mistake. “It is common for people to skip breakfast or skip dinner and save everything for dinner. Then you get very hungry, you start snacking too soon and you’re not satisfied,” says Dr.

On festive days, having breakfast and eating, in general, is more important than ever. Although in line with healthy Christmas Menu can be varied bet on light foods,

At breakfast, instead of eating toasted bread with oil or jam, you can eat several pieces of fruit, and yogurt … At lunchtime, instead of frying croquettes or eating cheese, you can have puree, a grilled fish or prawns. , can cook smoked salmon. on toast…

On the other hand, it is convenient Have a fruit or two before starting dinner, This produces a slight feeling of satiety, and causes the motivation to eagerly devour food to disappear. But compensating for the whole day’s fasting before going to sleep is undoubtedly the biggest hate healthy Christmas,

3. Know the calorie intake of each food

Must be during the main meal or dinner avoid frying, since they are very caloric. Instead of frying meat or fish, they can be baked, grilled, and even grilled. And, instead of accompanying them with french fries, you can

Choose a garnish made of vegetables. Also, you should not abuse bread, another very high-calorie food, especially if it is dipped in sauce.

However, desserts are the real danger. “You have to be careful with what you put on the table, because we believe that one nougat bar, one shortbread or marzipan is not much,” he stresses. Head of Emergencies of San Rafael Hospital in A Coruña, But the reality is not like this.

There are approximately 160 calories in one Shortbread. Marzipan, 60. A bar of nougat, 180. A piece of panettone, 300. A portion of Roscon de Reyes, 200. And you eat not just one, but several, which add up to each other and reach a very significant quantity .

An average person who is physically active should eat no more than 2,000 calories a day. And the lack of control in sweets can exceed this figure.

very easily. It’s important to be aware of the calories in each meal enjoy a healthy christmas Without succumbing to sweets.

4. Remove the tray of sweets

It is very common that, once the meal is over, plates with nougat and polvoron remain on the table. it goes against early healthy christmas Because it is usually too long after dinner, and the presence of dessert is a temptation, which encourages eaters to continue snacking.

“People are talking, eating and drinking. Now marzipan, now a piece of Roscon, now a cake… In the end you don’t know what you ate”, says Dr. Viso. An exercise as simple as clearing away all the plates with desserts Don’t eat unhealthy foods And prevent calories consumed from skyrocketing.

You can go on talking and celebrating for hours, but you cannot eat.

5. Beware of alcoholic beverages

Alcohol, due to its high caloric content, is another major factor responsible for the weight gain that occurs during this time. Beer or vermouth for appetizers, glasses of wine with meals, champagne for toasts, and liqueurs and creams served at dessert add up, and may be lost later.

It is essential to consume these beverages responsibly. And, just as you can’t turn up hungry for dinner, you shouldn’t turn up thirsty. because of this have to drink water regularly for the whole day.

Manuel Viso assured that a healthy christmas This doesn’t mean depriving yourself of alcoholic beverages, but treating them in moderation: “You can have lamb with a glass of wine, but you shouldn’t drink five or six glasses, which is about 500 calories.” Is equal.” In spirits, the calorie translation is even higher. Just 100 ml can contain between 250 to 350 calories.

6. Cook for the Right Number of Guests

«In Galicia, five people eat and we prepare for twenty-five. When it comes to cooking, you have to prepare the food for the people who are going to eat,” advises Dr. Viso. This is more important than ever, as leftovers are usually consumed in the following days.

If you prepare the right amount of food, you can have a healthy diet for the rest of Christmas, and offset excess meat and sugar with vegetables, purees or legumes. Conversely, if a large amount of caloric food is left over, this type of food will last for several days.

It is important to keep this in mind while shopping. and it’s the same Healthy Christmas starts at the supermarket, The menu should be planned in advance in order to have only the necessary products and not succumb to the temptation of industrial desserts.

7. Use Utensils Wisely

Even the smallest aspects such as the dishes play a fundamental role. It helps a lot to learn its correct usage live a healthy christmas, How?

It is better to serve food in small plates. On larger plates, the same portion appears smaller because there is more free space. On the other hand, it is advised not to eat directly from the sources. Serving food directly on the plate allows for more reliable control of all food eaten.

8. Eat at a reasonable pace

“Sometimes we see food so rich and feel the need to eat quickly, ingesting large amounts of food,” he says. manual viso, But it is very harmful. To begin with, it’s convenient Chew food thoroughly, as it will be easier to digest,

In addition, the speed at which you eat determines the amount of food the body is able to accept, as satiety is controlled by two hormones. Ghrelin stimulates hunger, while leptin produces a feeling of satiety.And is released twenty minutes after starting to eat.

If a person eats a first and second course hors d’oeuvres during that time period, they will have introduced many calories into their body as a result of that binge. Conversely, if you chew slowly and talk while you eat, your digestion will be less difficult, and you’ll consume fewer calories when you’re satisfied.

9. Exercise regularly

Even the most active people take a break from sports during these dates, when a A Healthy Christmas Is Linked to Physical Exercise, After all, this is the best ally to deal with excesses at lunch and dinner.

You don’t have to be a high-performance athlete to burn extra calories: simple activities like walking can start. “After eating, instead of staying after dinner, you can go for a walk with the kids,” he suggests. manual viso,

Whereas, it is a very effective technique for fight a sedentary lifestyle It is characteristic of Christmas, when it is more common to gather indoors and a drop in temperature encourages people to stay at home.

10. Follow doctors’ recommendations to enjoy a healthy Christmas

don’t practice a healthy christmas This causes decomposition due to excess calories, salt, red meat or alcohol. And it is even more dangerous for those whose health is weak and unstable, such as those whose health is weak heart, kidney or liver problems, They all have a higher chance of ending up in the hospital because of the disease.

«People without these pathologies can also suffer from digestive and abdominal problems, heartburn, bloating, gastritis and vomiting. Patients with high blood pressure experience energy surges, and diabetics can even go into a diabetic coma,” says Dr. Viso. Many of these patients are already instructed by their doctors that they should take the same high level of precautions as the elderly. However, everyone who wants live a healthy christmas Should heed the advice of health professionals

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