108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees celebrated in Placencia

Church celebrates on Sundays, 25 SeptemberRemembering this reality, a day under the slogan ‘Building a future with migrants and refugees’, as Pope Francis explains in his message for this year, is an opportunity for cultural and spiritual growth for all. The Holy Fathers explain that “thanks to him we have the opportunity to better understand the beauty of the world and its diversity. We can mature in humanity and form a greater ‘us’.”

The three diocese of Extremadura celebrate this Saturday in Placencia. 108ªworld day of migrants and refugees, with an intense program that will begin at 10:30 a.m. with the reception of participants in the courtyard of the Placentine Bishopric. To encourage participation, the festivities in Extremadura province have been brought forward on Saturday 24th and those responsible have devised an interesting day to give visibility to a reality no one can be unaware of.

Back Official reception at the bishopric, 10:30 a.m. The participants will travel to the Santa Maria Cultural Complex where Mr. Juan Luis García, Representative of the Emigration of the Diocese of Placencia and the clergy of El Salvador, will welcome the attendees. So what City Mayor Don Fernando Pizarro and will interfere Don Siriaco Benavente, Episcopal Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Placencia. After that, three testimonies of the migrants will be offered, which will be preceded by a dialogue between all those present.

A Eucharist will be celebrated in the parish of El Salvador at 1:00 pm, which will end with a “La Salle” school meal, ending with a shared party. The option is also offered for those who wish to visit the transitus exhibition of The Age of Man in the cathedral.

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