11 Best and Most Useful Android Widgets

After Apple’s widgets were implemented in iOS 14, Microsoft followed the trend with the Windows 11 update. The situation has sparked a renewed interest in the form factor across all platforms, including Android. And since Android app developers have a ton of time to perfect their widgets, it’s no surprise that there are tons of polished home screen decorations out there. Here are some of our favourites.

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If you don’t want to dip your toes in the widget water just yet, you can make your current selection on most Android phones by long-pressing on a blank area of ​​the home screen, then selecting Widget on the menu that pops up. Any app on your device with a widget will appear in the list – just tap and hold a widget to place it.

On many phones, you can alternatively long-press an app icon on your Home screen to reveal its widgets. This route is usually faster when you already know which app you want to use the widget from.

Now that you know how to add one to your screen, we’ve rounded up a bunch of the best and most useful widgets available.

This should not come as a surprise to many people out there. If you consider yourself a power widget user, KWGT is a must: it lets you create your own personal widgets via a simple editor that will make you a master crafter in no time. Some art assets require a premium upgrade (KWGT is part of the Play Pass, which is well worth it), but many are available for free. Plus, you can put together your own widgets for digital and analog clocks, live maps, battery and memory meters, music players, text messages, and more.


There’s a reason there are so many weather widgets on the Play Store – they’re incredibly useful. They allow you to see at a quick glance what conditions will be like for the next few hours, days or weeks. Overdrop is one of the best weather apps out there, and its widgets are informative, elegantly designed, and clear. Overdrop widgets aren’t limited to just showing weather information. You can add date, time, calendar and other widgets with different styles to the home screen.

Some designs and layouts require a premium upgrade, and in-app purchases can cost anywhere between $1.99 to $18.99, but there are plenty you can play with for free, too. It’s good to see Overdrop offering one-time purchases and monthly/annual subscriptions.


It is no secret that the Associated Press team is a huge fan of the Telegram messaging app. It is feature-rich, cloud-based, and works seamlessly on all platforms including Android. Telegram offers a few widgets to place on the home screen. You can either add a conversation widget with up to four people/groups or have a larger widget with recent Telegram chats. We love the conversation widget for opening a specific chat with a single tap on the home screen.

my data manager

Not everyone works with unlimited mobile data on their phone. To avoid a lucrative carrier bill at the end of the month, you should keep an eye on the data usage on your phone. While the Android OS allows you to set a data limit from the Settings menu, there is no easy way to check the data usage from the home screen. Once you add billing cycles and data limits for cellular, Wi-Fi and roaming, you can check live data usage at a glance on the home screen. The app supports both light and dark theme widgets. We expect to see better looking widgets with rounded corners in future updates.


Don’t let the music put you off because you’ll have to open an app and work through a series of menus to find the tune you want. Musicolet puts playback and cue management controls on the home screen for you, and you can customize the widget’s look (including its transparency) in a variety of ways. However, Musicolet only plays local files stored on your Android device and does not work with streaming services. The app offers intuitive UI, multiple queues, folder browsing, sleep timer, gapless playback, Android Auto support and playback controls from the home screen. The app plays nicely with the material theme you use to take the color out of your wallpaper when you set it up.

tick tick

Tick ​​Tick is basically the Swiss Army Knife of Productivity app on Android. You can use it to manage tasks, view calendar events, develop habits, and calculate focus time. TickTick offers over thirteen widgets to choose from. Depending on your preference, you can add a calendar, today habits, weekly agenda, or your day’s timeline widget to the home screen. And yes, all of them come with dark theme support. Among them, our favorite is the default Pomo Timer widget to check the time remaining for a task on the phone’s home screen.


SeriesGuide is perfect for keeping track of movies and TV shows you’ve watched, are watching, or plan to watch. The widget it comes with is perfect for quickly checking when your favorite shows are next airing – the time and date the show aired, the channel or streaming service it broadcasts, and episodes and more Season. Pay to support the app, and get yourself some additional widget customization options as well.


Your Android phone keeps you in touch, informed, entertained and more. Adding a Deepstash can also keep you motivated and motivated. Deepstash offers snippets from popular books, articles, podcasts, and more; The app’s widgets provide quotes and best thoughts from popular books, articles and famous personalities. Simply add Deepstash’s Quotes widget to the home screen and start your day with a motivational quote.

Google News

Keeping in touch with the events of the day has never been so straightforward. The recently revamped Google News app has a clean, clear and informative widget, which gives you the weather forecast and a snapshot of what’s happening right now. You can tap on any story to see full coverage of it, or you can let the top headlines go before your eyes along with other business on your Android device.

CPU Monitor

From finding troublesome apps to working when it’s time to upgrade your phone, the widget that comes with CPU Monitor packs a lot of information into one very tight space. A total of four different widgets help you keep up with the current CPU load, battery temperature and spikes in demanding processing over time. The CPU Monitor can also set up a continuous notification to display this data if necessary. CPU Monitor’s neatly designed widgets will display the CPU temperature, memory usage and remaining battery percentage on your Android phone.


With so many of us scrambling to fit in more and more each day, an app (and accompanying widget) like Sectograph can make a huge difference in your schedule planning. It treats your calendar as a 24-hour clock face, so you can see what you should be doing now and what you’re doing next at a glance – a perfect example of how widgets can sometimes be- Useful as ever fully fledged apps.

Make your Android home screen shine

Lots of great apps offer widgets, so the world is really your oyster when it comes to decorating your screen. While you’re busy decorating your phone’s home screen with third-party widgets, don’t forget to check out the Content You widget brought by Google with the Android 12 update. If you’re confused about Google’s new content that you design, read our dedicated guide to learn more.


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