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11 goals to improve your performance at work

  • Work is one of the areas we are most interested in taking care of in 2023.
  • However, there are some aspects that we can “harmonize” or implement for the following months.
  • Among these topics, consider a new job and offering remote or hybrid work to your employees.
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The world of work, whether we like it or not, is constantly changing and we will see even more of it in 2023.

The phenomenon of “quiet resignations” and job cuts across various industries, especially the tech sector, will be a constant in the coming months.

However, even though some of these situations are not in our hands, whether we are leaders of a company or teams or part of a site’s workforce, it is relevant that we have some objectives to maintain and improve in the workplace.

And since this is the era of good luck and new goals, we leave you a few that can help you for this purpose.

1. Seek better salary and manage it better

Who doesn’t like a better salary? But it doesn’t come from “overnight”.

Sometimes, it all depends on doing a self-evaluation to determine the points that need to be “polished”, address them and be able to ask for a raise at your current company.

In others, the way out is to look for a new job that satisfies us not only financially but also personally and professionally.

After considering this, taking care of your salary will prove to be helpful for you in every sense.

« It will always be an advantage to know how to use your income which will allow you to achieve the material objectives that you have set for yourself in your life more quickly and efficiently. “The important thing is to know where and how to use your profits (wisely),” Adecco Group said in a statement.

2. Analyze other job options

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t love your current job anymore, but finding vacancies that you’re passionate about can improve your employability.

This ranges from a higher salary, to a higher number of days off, grocery vouchers, discounts, and more.

3. Update Your Resume

Adecco Group and experts stress the importance of taking a fresh “look” at your resume.

This applies if you are looking to leave your current position and due to frequent staff reductions around the world.

«Like everything in life, when you stop doing something, you lose the practice and a certain way you get into that activity. For this reason, it’s important to keep your professional resume up to date, even more so now that we have social networks through which you can gain more visibility into work connections,” the company explained.

4. Increase Your Productivity

And this does not mean that you spend more than 12 hours at your job, without rest on weekends and do your work before your free time.

The firm said, “It is always important to do an honest self-assessment to identify your strengths, first of all, be clear about your areas of opportunity and how to work on them in a way that contributes to your professional growth.” ” Basic lesson.

5. Learn a new language or improve the one you already know

A new language always opens up a new professional vistas for you and fills you personally. It is the possibility of knowing your own nation or other people on a depth you never imagined you could reach.

You can start with free options on YouTube or with apps like Duolingo or in courses that guarantee your mastery and understanding.

If you already have an advanced language, such as English, you can opt for clubs or schools where you improve your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

It will be a different experience and you will not only be a better job candidate, but you will feel great about yourself.

6. Improve your work-life balance

Sometimes the promise of a better professional future tempts us to neglect our environment outside the office, whether virtual or physical.

«With the level of work-relationship we currently have, it is extremely important to find a balance that allows you to not only appreciate the best of life with your family and friends, but also to avoid work burnout that can occur. Could be some sort of physical illness or mental”, declared the Adecco Group.

7. Learn More

After college, there is still “life” to learn new things.

«Personal development must be continuous and in two directions: A professional maturity requires the acquisition of experience that allows you to respond better to the needs of the company. And on the other hand, developing more and newer skills will keep you up-to-date and always be a benchmark in your work environment,” the company said.

8. Start a Side Business

There’s nothing wrong with having a side business as long as it doesn’t cause a conflict of interest with your current job.

The risk of inflation and a possible recession can drive many enterprising people to seek a source of supplemental income, so it’s important to know when and how to tell your boss about your side project.

From a professional perspective, being transparent with her helps build trust, said Alexandra Yorke and Rebecca Knight insider,

9. Labor is mobile

A job that allows you to travel to do your homework will be more exciting than any other. This will increase if it gives you the opportunity to migrate to other cities or countries.

«If this is the objective you have in mind, you should consider that it is important that you start a presence and activity with colleagues from other countries, so that you can have an advantage over other people. It is important not to forget that the plans that are proposed for the next year play an important role in the way in which each person will start their activities in 2023, especially in the workplace,” said Grupo Adecco.

10. Lives in remote or hybrid format

If your company has the option to give to the workforce, give it a grant. This will help you reduce staff turnover and build better professional and personal connections.

Consultancy Vyopta previously published a report focused on analyzing video conferences and how they impact collaboration in work environments. The study indicates that employees who have worked or are currently working from home between 2020 and 2022 have increased commitment to the rest of their colleagues.

report, which includes techspotIt was drawn up by comparing online meetings held by members of companies such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex in the six weeks between the beginning of April and mid-May of the referenced years.

The rest of the data can be found here.

11. Create a Happy and Peaceful Work Environment

As an employer, your role is to stay calm and not put undue pressure on your workforce. Have you ever stopped to think how many times have you yelled at them for something that wasn’t an emergency? This isn’t healthy for anyone.

Adecco concluded, “Working in a friendly environment that creates a space of peace is essential for present and future generations.”

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