1180 attacks on Gaza, 3150 rockets fired on Israel: Netanyahu says war will continue

1180 attacks on Gaza, 3150 rockets fired on Israel: Netanyahu says war will continue

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine does not seem to stop. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, dismissing the US pressure for a ceasefire, has said that the war will continue. He said that every country has the right to protect itself. They have already rejected the ceasefire proposal of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has reported that it has been in Gaza since the conflict began More than 1180 attacks Have done. At the same time, about 3150 rockets have been fired on Israel. 90% of these rockets have been destroyed by ‘Iron Dome’ in the sky. The conflict between Israel and Hamas has gained momentum since last Monday (10 May 2021).

Israel again attacked the Gaza Strip on Monday (17 May 2021), the eighth day of the unannounced war. So far 207 people have been killed in the conflict. There are 197 Palestinians among them. daily Mail According to it, from late Sunday to Monday (17 May 2021) morning, 54 Israeli jets bombarded 35 bases in and around Gaza City. The IDF said it targeted the homes of 9 top commanders of Hamas commanders. Some of these houses were also used to store weapons.

Meanwhile, Hamas fired 70 rockets at Israel. According to the IDF, at least 10 of them fell in Gaza. A rocket hit a Jewish temple in Ashkelon. On Sunday (16 May 2021), bombs were also bombed at the house of the Hamas chief in the Gaza Strip. According to reports, Israelis performed in Gaza city on Sunday evening Air strike Three buildings were destroyed and 42 people were killed.

The OIC, an organization of Islamic countries, has condemned Israel. The 57-nation organization called the Israeli attacks a “systematic crime” and said that a meeting of the UN General Assembly should be called. These countries have passed a resolution saying that Israel has aggressively occupied the land of Palestine and that the Islamic Ummah has a moral, historical and legal responsibility towards Palestine.

On the other hand, the Islamic country United Arab Emirates (UAE) has warned Hamas. He has said that if there is no peace, the lives of the people of Gaza will become hell. It has also warned not to invest in infrastructure projects in Gaza. At the same time, India has given a cautious response and appealed to both sides to work in peace.