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12 easy ways to stay in shape this summer – Nation World News

Summer is a time of year when some people want to further improve their health and fitness, so they are looking to burn fat and lose a few extra pounds.

Keeping this in mind, a group of experts spoke to the media Sun To explain what are the best recommendations for improving physical condition in this 2023.

For Gary Bartlett, a doctor with England’s National Health Service (NHS), it is one of the most important aspects to consider if we want to look after our health, not be guided by phrases on the front of a product. Should go with something like “low calorie” or “sugar free”, but read the ingredients list directly on the back of the food in question.

“Read the label, as can often contain an alarming amount of calories”Doctors tell.

Oranges. Photo: Sahand Babli.

Nutritionist Mark Gilbert says that adding a glass of orange juice to your daily diet can make a big difference.

“One food that has been specifically studied for weight loss is orange juice and specifically a flavone found in orange juice called hesperidin,” he says.

Experts say that skating on any type of surface can be a good idea to burn calories. using either line or type Tractorthis sport “helps strengthen core and general muscle strength. It’s also good for the heart,” explains Bliss Mason, personal trainer at F45 Mill Hill Gym.

“Skating is a beneficial activity and has less impact on the joints than running,” stresses the coach.

Skating can be an effective and enjoyable physical activity.

“There are many studies that prove that drinking more water throughout the day can benefit weight loss and maintenance,” says David Weiner, physical therapist and nutritionist for the Freeletics brand.

“Drinking water has been shown to improve your resting energy expenditure, which means it increases the number of calories you burn.”add.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that drinking water during the day also has other positive benefits: it helps to stay hydrated, regulate body temperature, and avoid possible headaches.

Water intake helps to stay hydrated and regulate body temperature.

David Weiner explains that any type of physical activity you do outside, whether it’s exercising or taking a walk in the park, will be an advance for your health. It will help control appetite, reduce stress and enhance emotional health.

For some people, doing these activities during the day in the summer season can be tiring due to the high temperature, but you can do it in the afternoon or at night.

Doctor. For Caitlin Hall, “fiber absorbs water and builds volume in the abdomen.” This is exactly the amount that will keep your body satiated for longer than you are used to,

“Foods high in fiber are usually – but not always – also low in calories. One study showed that people who increased their dietary fiber lost more weight and reduced their daily energy (calorie) intake.” are able to carry out the recommendations more effectively,” he says.

According to expert, a high fiber diet will improve the amount of certain bacteria in the gut, which in turn strengthens weight control.

Whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables are some of the foods that are high in fiber.

“It’s during rest and deep sleep that your body can do the homework that makes it more efficient at burning fat,” emphasizes wellness expert Sarah Wall.

In addition, experts assure that “fat loss is a form of regeneration and requires the body’s healing response, so if you reduce the hours of sleep it will be more difficult for you not only to burn body fat Because lack of sleep lowers your metabolism, but you’ll also experience more cravings because sleep regulates hunger hormones.”

Restful sleep can have a big impact on our physical and mental health. Photo: Getty Images.

In addition to food and physical activity, a hot bath or sauna can be another additional option in the process of burning fat.

“Fat is energy and all energy is expended through heat”Sarah argued.

She notes that “going twice a week[to the sauna]will help your fat-burning efforts,” she says. If you decide to take this option, health experts recommend staying in a hot bath or sauna for at least 20 minutes for it to be effective.

Nutritionist Karine Patel of Dietician Fit & Co firmly believes that the order in which foods are eaten on the plate can have a positive effect on the body.

“Vegetables are very low in calories but high in fiber which will fill you up without increasing calorie intake. Afterwards, eat your protein-rich foods, as these also help keep you feeling full.”dice.

“Eat your carbs at the end if you’re still hungry. By this time, you typically feel very full and have a low appetite for your carbs,” she adds.

Nutritionists say that this approach will help us in the process of eating less than we actually need.

“Reducing the surface area of ​​what you eat can reduce the amount you put on your plate”Karina Patel highlights.

This is because a small plate that is full is more abundant and attractive to the eye of the person who will consume it, than a large plate that is more or less empty: “It can help with our mindset.” is when we cure for less”.

A small, full plate may be more visually appealing than a large, empty plate.

If you have little time for physical activity, you should not worry: there is a way for you. According to nutritionist Jessica Stansfield, Using resistance bands is an effective and fun way to exercise your body,

Stansfield argues that resistance bands can strengthen small stabilizing muscles, which may not work as hard as other physical activities. And if you need guidance with this tool, you can search for videos on YouTube to guide you a little more in this activity.

the time the food arrives stomach people it might take 20 minutes, Only at that moment does the organ send a signal to the brain that enough is enough.

Keeping this in mind, it is advised to try to eat more slowly than usual and take at least 20 minutes for this process. “Put your fork down between each bite,” warns Karine Patel.

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