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12 New Year’s Resolutions If You Don’t Have Ideas For This 2023

with an input of New YearThere are many who consider creating a clean slate in their lives. The turn of the year serves as a turning point for many people, not only to leave behind all those bad habits but also to set the goals they want to achieve.

The changing of the year seems like it has begun. Most people notice that they have a new opportunity to improve their lives. At the end of a year, some people feel as though they left things undone, or feel bad for not making changes. This is why many choose to consider a range of resolutions for next year,

And, although it’s true that in most cases they hang in the balance, it’s still nice to have a list of new year’s resolutions, These objectives may be personal, professional or social. In fact you are the one who should define the change you want in this new phase.

To make it easier for you to list Objective for 2023, here is a compilation with a few, also made for all audiences. in this selection new years resolutions You will find everything from the most common to others that might not have crossed your mind before.

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play more

Happy Sports Woman

This purpose is quite possible that you have considered it in other years. It is also quite likely that at some point You have given up because of laziness, lack of time, etc., Give sports a second chance in this new year so that you don’t let your sedentary lifestyle defeat you.

If you have not exercised for a long time, then going for some sport like running can be the right option. Whether you want to lose weight, or you want to stay healthy, adding this resolution to your list will make you feel better.

be more punctual

A Woman Is Looking At Her Watch.

No one likes to wait when they are meeting someone, right? so if you are one of them People who usually show up to their appointments perfectly… it’s time to change. Or is it that you want to remain the “Tardone” of the group?

A good resolution for this coming year might be to change that bad habit when you make plans. Try to get ready on time, check the time taken to reach your destination and leave home a few minutes earlier So that any possible obstacle coming in the way can be avoided.

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enjoy the present

Happy Woman In Spring

have you never heard of the topic Carpe Diem, It is useless to think about what may happen in the future. Sometimes the head is somewhere else, and so far back in time that one misses the important moments of the present,

live the days as if they were the last, enjoy all the things you can And never put off for another moment something that you can do now. For example, to take this objective to the letter, perhaps you should reflect on what things in your daily routine keep you from being happy.

be a little more optimistic

A Happy Woman With Her Phone

they say that optimistic people live longer, If you belong to the group of people who often see things in gray tones, then this can be a good reason to replace the chip.

To help you with this objective, if you decide to add it to your list for 2023, here are phrases that will help you start the day with optimism. can see life from another perspective make you very happy, And if you don’t believe, at least try it.

learn new things

Paint Cup

Expanding your knowledge is not only good for knowing more about the world. learn this too improve your brain power Creating new neural patterns that drive the development of new brain connections.

If there is a language you have wanted to learn for a long time, or maybe you just want to add a touch of creativity to your life by drawing, or you think you want to continue your studies, then this new year will spread your wings. add to Aim to continue cultivating your knowledge,

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reduce mobile usage

Sir Is Looking At His Mobile

it’s a fact Large number of people cannot participate with mobile Almost all day long. The need to check social networks from time to time or to escape boredom is increasingly attracting people to electronic devices.

Mobile accompanies people almost everywhere. Or have you never taken it to the bathroom? Besides the fact that it can be dangerous to your health, This addiction can lead you to set aside other priorities in your life., So, to begin with, you can reduce its use to one hour in order to notice changes in your well-being.

spend less money on unnecessary things

Couple Shopping

There are people who love to shop. So much so that sometimes he sees one bargain after another that he definitely doesn’t need, and ends up getting it all. To get all those products you need a Initially there will be a feeling of bliss but can turn into a nightmare When you look at your bank account.

try it 2023 save extra money Reducing the purchases you make. Don’t buy anything you don’t need. It’s okay to treat yourself from time to time, but don’t make these purchases your routine.

pay off old debt


Getting into debt can be a big problem. sometimes you have to sit Think seriously about the expenses you can afford, Before you spend money, or make a commitment that involves spending, think about everything you have to pay.

It is recommended if you are under 55 Your loan should not exceed 15% of your monthly income, according to the Bank of Spain. Although, of course, it is best that you reduce it as much as possible so that you can live more comfortably.

don’t look for excuses

A Man Celebrates Success In An Office With Other Colleagues.

Are you one of those people who find an excuse for everything? this new year leaves excuses, telling yourself “I can’t” and taking action. In this way a whole spectrum of new experiences will open before you.

Sometimes excuses come when you don’t feel like doing something, when you are afraid to face a problem or because of lack of confidence they only manage to block you in life.

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get back in touch with some friends

Friends Drinking At The Bar

Friendship is something that should be taken care of. Although it is true that over time some friends are the ones who lose, Either because your paths have diverged, because you are driven by different interests or simply because of the passage of time.

never hurts get back in touch with the people who were so special in your life to catch up. Never with those who mix poison in your life. This New Year you can propose a reunion with the people you miss the most. That now without forgetting your friends.

spend more time with family

Family With 3 Children

Family is one of the fundamental pillars (at least if there are good relations between its members). Spending quality time with your loved ones strengthens family ties, It also helps maintain healthy emotional development, providing stability and security.

What’s the use of spending a lot of time at home if you don’t spend it with your loved ones? It’s not about spending time with them all the time, but yeah You can organize activities that involve everyone, And if they’re funny, so much the better.

use less car

Subway Mobile Girl

It is true that traveling in your own car is the most comfortable thing in the world, especially if you live in a big city, but Public transport has its advantages, And in the long run they will compensate you for the time difference.

While it is cheaper to travel by metro, train or bus, especially at times when it is cheaper to travel by metro, train or bus fuel price It is very valuable. On public transport, you can also do things like reading to make good use of your time. And finally, you get involved in reducing pollution.

Don’t Set Limits on Your New Year’s Resolution List

New Year'S Dinner

If you’ve already thought of a goal or two, but it’s not on this list, go ahead with it. it Compilation of resolutions for 2023 It’s just a nudge with ideas that may not have crossed your mind before.

Once you’ve got your defined list, comes the trickiest part: sticking to it. you have to spend a lot Willpower so that it doesn’t remain a mere effort, You can always ask someone to walk with you while doing one of these challenges so that you don’t have to spend so much to complete them.

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