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12 Tips To Prioritize Your Mental Health This 2023

A mask to hide negative emotions is one that some people use in their daily lives to hide sadness, loneliness, anger, and other moods that interfere with productivity and daily tasks. In addition, there are situations such as job loss, economic vulnerability, violence, lack of access to basic services such as decent housing and healthy food, or the death of a loved one. mental health.

This New Year Needs a Commitment social, political and personal To join efforts and combat this problem which is experienced in silence.

The word Challenges (thus, in the plural) very well defines the panorama of the mental health landscape for this 2023 and reduce the alarming figures recorded in 2022, A time when diagnoses of mental illnesses and suicides increased.

While there’s some personal advice for making your mental health a priority later this year, it’s important to know some statistics: According to statistics from Legal Medicine, As of November 2022, 453 people committed suicide in Antioquia (363 men and 90 women), 17.5% of the suicides in the country, which amounted to 2,584 cases for the same month.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health and Social Security reported that the most frequent disorders in the last two years are anxiety, social phobia and depression, While suicidal thoughts occurred in 6.6% of adolescents (7.4% among females and 5.7% among males) and 6.7% experienced affective disorders in adulthood.

and that’s not all. Such is the case that some experts like Psychologist Catalina Suarez Mello Accept that the best advice they can give is health professionals good working condition Because there is a lot of work in such times and they feel tired.

“I hope the state will look after those of us who work in the field of mental health, as we are overwhelmed with complex cases. In the EPS and IPS, psychologists feel exhausted with so much work and there are not even appointments for many other people who need psychologists,” says psychologist Suárez Mello. For the mental health system to function properly , Priority these professionals, who feel exhausted and helpless by the government.

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This is a problem that needs to be dealt with and you have to deal with your personality. You can also prioritize your mental health. With the help of psychologists Catalina Suárez Mello, Elisette Mesa Rua, Ana Tuberquia, Jorge Mario Rubio, and María Piedad Gil Botero, these 12 recommendations were created to take care of your mental health this year. It is a priority and above all to keep in mind to attend therapy, if necessary.

1. Contact with the outside world

Psychologist Catalina Suárez Mello explains that with a surge of emotion some people—mainly children and adolescents—may shut themselves off from the outside world in places such as work and study or social relationships. Although emotions are necessary, you can’t get caught up in them, that is, you must learn to deal with day-to-day situations, for example, if you feel stressed at work, you must accept it and not be locked into your emotions. Shouldn’t stay ,

2. Abandon the idea of ​​perpetual fitness

Another recommendation given by psychologist Suárez Mello is not to be afraid of feelings such as disappointment, restlessness or sadness. They are natural moods and part of life. The expert refers to the contemporary cultural trend of “constant well-being”, a phenomenon that makes you constantly seek happiness and that is impossible, because there are moments for all feelings. It is okay to feel sad, upset or angry. Let them flow

3. Nurture Your Relationships and Build a Support Network

Humans are social creatures who need other people to form a support network, as they are essential during life, which is why psychologist María Piedad Gil Botero advocates for developing these relationships and making wise connections between work, family and social life. Time sharing is recommended. Anytime you need a friend, family member or companion.

4. Set Measurable Goals

In the new year, most people set out to accomplish specific goals in order to feel better about their lives. According to experts like Jorge Mario Rubio, about 80% of people expect to accomplish new goals at the beginning of a year, however, only 10% do. This is because they are long term goals and cannot be measured. The invitation is to start small. For example, losing several kilos quickly or learning 5 languages ​​in less than 1 year is not a measurable goal. “Start by losing 1 kg in a month and learn a new language in a year.” Don’t rush, because that’s how easily you give up on your goals and you can feel rejected when you don’t accomplish them.

5. We are not what we think

Some people believe that what is thought is reality. If you have thoughts of failing or doing poorly in love or work, it really shouldn’t be. Psychologist Jorge Mario Rubio points out that people are not what they really think, but what they do and the way they act. If you think you are unsuccessful, it doesn’t mean that you are. You may have a job, a family. You are associating that thought with irrational content.

6. Take and think your decisions well

Everyone must make a decision at some point. And the invitation is not to postpone what is troubling you. Psychologist María Piedad Gil says the same thing and Jorge Mario Rubio, in turn, complements it by advising that they should be considered decisions, think about them before making them. Don’t be put off by the impulse and excitement you may feel at times, because people nowadays “want it all” because of the fast pace of everyday life and the desire for success and money.

7. Healthy Habits for a Good Mood

Human beings are holistic and require physical and mental care to achieve a good quality of life. Psychologist Ana Tubercia recommends doing physical activities that you enjoy, such as a sport you’ve always wanted to practice, and thus avoid being lazy to exercise if you don’t like going to the gym. Conversely, if you are a person who trains or does a sport that you love, you can do it too. Also do yoga and take a balanced diet.

8. Make peace with the past

The past is the memories and experiences that can no longer be changed, and yet it continues to affect people. The recommendation made by psychologist Elisette Mesa Rua is to understand past events and come to terms with them. Realize that no matter what you’ve lived through, you can’t replace your family and the place where you were born. However, you can learn from it and move on. The invitation is to face the weight you lose and don’t let it calm you down, preferably with the help of a professional.

9. Learn to say no and stand up for your principles

Everyone has beliefs about how to live and you have to learn to identify each and thus set boundaries. The most difficult thing is to say no and because of that inability they accept unwanted experiences. Just as it’s important to say what’s good, you also need to say what you don’t like and stand firm for your ideals and the lifestyle you want to lead. Don’t be influenced by others and have experiences that you don’t want to live or that affect you emotionally. be firm.

10. Keep relationship with money sweet

Money should be handled wisely so that it does not get out of hand or cause more than one problem. It has been shown that there is a direct relationship between the mood and economic condition of each family and individual. Psychologists emphasize that you need to have a good relationship with money and, if possible, take advantage of it to experience activities and moments that make you feel happy (a trip, going to your favorite restaurant, going to the movies). go in). On the other hand, financial advisors always encourage you to save, but if you can’t, the idea is not to waste it. If you feel that you have a major problem with money management, it is advisable to seek professional help.

11. Don’t let your feelings distract you

For psychologist Elisette Rua Mesa, some people make the mistake of “turning a blind eye” and distracting their feelings into material. There are cases of humans who express their unhappiness by traveling, buying clothes, cars, apartments, and then realize that none of this will take away their sadness or make them feel whole. No material things can take away anxiety, depression and any other mental disorder.

12. Don’t forget to visit a psychologist

A meeting with a psychologist is ideal to overcome anxiety, fear, stress, anxiety, personal, family, work and partner problems. The recommendation is that everyone attend psychological counseling so that they have a space in which to reflect on the various situations they experience on a day-to-day basis.

This is a guide that helps to find emotional balance, stability at a time when it is most needed.

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