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15 film characters that anyone would fall in love with

We all have seen a movie which captivates us to such an extent that we can watch it again and again without getting bored. maybe the story song music, The director or all of them together have caught us. However there are times when the reason takes the form of an incredibly charming and charismatic actor, and when nothing else matters because we can watch the worst movie in the world and tolerate it for the sake of that handsome character. Can

It’s also likely that alluring “mushshow” is the most venomous, but that doesn’t matter, because once you’ve fallen for those eyes, that big smile and other attributes (wink, wink, wink, elbow ), no one is going back. Regardless of your reasons, below we bring you the following list of who we believe, by consensus, are the characters we’ve fallen in love with on screen the most.

1. Ryan Gosling One La La Land: City of Dreams

Ryan Gosling has an almost annoying ability to make us fall in love with everything he does. It seems like every character he plays, we enjoy watching him get hooked. But of all his roles in romantic movies, the role of Sebastian Wilder is the most charming and no doubt the one we love the most.

2. Ryan Reynolds and Deeedpool

Ryan Reynolds Stars As Wade Winston Wilson In Deadpool

Wade Winston Wilson, better known as Deadpool, is a character who, in addition to being incredibly funny and charismatic, has the most charming boyfriend ever. The relationship he has with Vanessa is simply enviable because, in addition to being madly in love, he does everything to make her happy, to the extent that he prefers to walk away so she doesn’t see that he What has it become?

3. Heath Ledger One 10 Things I Hate About You

Heath Ledger As Patrick Verona In 10 Things I Hate About You

One characteristic of any character is always falling in love when they play the role of the bad boy. Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona is irrefutable proof that no matter how unattainable we think we are, we can ask someone like him to make life miserable for us and send us to therapy.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio Inn Titanic

Leonardo Dicaprio As Jake Dawson In Titanic

Although DiCaprio has had a number of movies where he is utterly charming, Jack Dawson continues to recruit fans from all ages and generations.

Because who in their right mind wouldn’t fall in love with this charming and loyal man? Pragmatically, it should be considered a stage in life. You are born, you grow up, you fall in love with Jack Dawson, you breed and you die.

5. Matthew McFadden n pride and Prejudice

Matthew Macfadyen As Mr. Darcy In Pride And Prejudice

there’s no way to see anyone pride and Prejudice Without falling under Mr. Darcy’s spell. It’s just not humanly possible. Although at first he acts indifferent and even rude, when we finally see him collapse in Elizabeth’s arms, our hearts leap with excitement and envy.

6. Robert Pattinson twilight

Robert Pattinson As Edward Cullen In Twilight

Today, most of us know that Edward Cullen was poisoned more than Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, during the cobalt-60 accident in 1983. Still, we can’t help but continue to fall for the allure of the world’s most famous teen vampire, enough to give her our whole lives to watch her.

7. Gerard Butler a PS I Love You

Gerard Butler As Gerry Kennedy In Posdata I Love You

Besides the fact that Gerard Butler is incredibly attractive, Gerry’s kind of got a crush on Kennedy. His hopeless romanticism, coupled with the sweet letters of Holi left by him, made us yearn for such a person in our lives.

8. See Andrew Garfield the amazing Spider Man

Andrew Garfield As Peter Parker In The Amazing Spider-Man

At this point we officially declare ourselves to be most in love with Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker. He is without a doubt the most seductive Spider-Man of the three. Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, he’s the most perfect boyfriend ever. We all wanted to see ourselves caught in their web.

9. Noah Centineo n to all the boys i’ve fallen in love with

Noah Centineo As Peter In To All The Boys I'Ve Loved Before

This story made us dream of such a perfect romance in our life. Watching Peter fall under the spell of Lara Jean is one of the most beautiful things in this world, because although they’re both opposites, there’s no doubt they were a tailor-made couple. Plus, for a change, Noah Centineo is gorgeous!

10. Ansel Elgort A baby driver

Ansel Elgort As Bibi And Baby Driver

Everything was there in this film. Captivating car chase sequences, a bank heist to the beat of the music, and a love story worthy of Bonnie and Clyde. Ansel Elgort may not be the most handsome man in Hollywood, but his performance as Baby would fool anyone. And if Ansel isn’t your type, you’ll find Jon Hamm as Plan B in this same movie.

11. Brad Pitt One fight club

Brad Pitt In Fight Club

In a movie that isn’t even romantic (or at least not entirely), Brad Pitt is amazing. Plus, the fact that he plays such a macho character, though also quite aggressive, is not without its appeal to us. Be that as it may, it has scenes that grab you for their lovely sentiments (read totally sarcastically).

12. Daniel Radcliffe and only friend?

Daniel Radcliffe As Wallace In Just Friends

Since childhood, Daniel Radcliffe has had female followers Harry Potter. But for those who didn’t fall under the spell of “the mighty wizard,” they certainly did for Wallace.

This character is everything we want from a relationship, because watching a great friendship turn into tender love always gives us hope.

13. Ewan McGregor red mill

Ewan Mcgregor As Christian And The Moulin Rouge

A sweet story of an impossible love always wins out, because watching a couple do everything in their power to end up together is utterly captivating. it’s a viewing experience red millwhere Christian plays an admirer who confides his love for Satin.

14. Tanner Buchanan N he was like

Posing For Tanner Buchanan Magazine

bring back the classic she is like thatThis film changed the original story now with a male character. Tanner Buchanan, who you’ll remember as the bad boy cobra kai (where he is also downright attractive), making him a “cat-handed” disaffected guy who becomes a magazine model.

15. Lucas Z Juman A anne with an e

A E With Lucas Z Juman Gilbert Blythe Ann Anne

We know the list is made up of movies, but we can’t talk about characters we’ve fallen in love with without talking about Gilbert Blythe. Anne and he are totally made for each other, to the point that their relationship doesn’t make us jealous, but watching them be in love a little bit makes us feel overwhelming. This person is basically perfection incarnate. It must be a sin to be charmed.

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