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17 Scientific Facts That Will Motivate You To Eat Healthier

  • A diet rich in whole foods along with fresh produce, whole grains and lean proteins helps maintain a healthy body.
  • Nutrition experts agree that processed foods and added sugar are generally a bad idea.
  • Here are scientific reasons to revamp your diet and make healthier food choices in the new year.
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With the start of the year comes a new opportunity to change habits as part of resolutions. Among the most popular are eating healthier or exercising, and if you need extra motivation to encourage you to start in the first place, this scientific data can help.

1. Eating healthy may reduce the risk of some types of cancer

The Mayo Clinic states that about 25% of cancer cases overall could be prevented with better dietary choices, especially a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

2. A healthy diet can make your skin glow.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more and more studies suggest that foods rich in carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (i.e., those that rapidly raise blood sugar) may contribute to the appearance of acne.

3. It will save you money


A large study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that unhealthy diets filled with processed foods cost about $2 more per day than healthy ones filled with whole foods.

4. Eating Right Can Improve Male Fertility

A 2017 study suggests that a Mediterranean diet—which includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, herbs, spices, nuts, and healthy fats like olive oil—is associated with higher sperm counts.

On the other hand, several studies have found that obese men have fewer and more abnormal sperm.

5. A Balanced Diet Can Improve Your Mood

According to a 2017 epidemiological survey, people who eat more fruits and vegetables with lean proteins and fats report better mental health outcomes.

6. It can increase your energy level

Eat Healthy

Researchers at Harvard Medical School say that eating right can increase your energy and improve your athletic performance.

7. Eating healthy can help prevent diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Mayo Clinic, a healthy diet can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which diet and exercise can help prevent.

8. It Can Extend Your Life

The CDC says that people who eat well live longer, and have fewer health complications, so they enjoy that extra time off.

9. Choosing healthy foods can help prevent heart disease

According to the American Heart Association, MedlinePlus and the Mayo Clinic, several studies have shown that eating a healthy diet can reduce the risk of heart disease, such as heart attack and stroke.

10. Eating Well Can Protect Your Memory

A study by Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra and JAMA Internal Medicine found that people who follow a healthy diet are less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s.

11. Certain Foods Can Lower High Blood Pressure

Eat Healthy

According to studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine and JAMA, a healthy diet can lower blood pressure. The DASH diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy, has shown significant effectiveness.

12. A diet rich in calcium can protect your bone health

The National Institutes of Health states that eating a healthy diet, especially one including calcium and vitamin D, can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and bone loss.

13. Helps you rest better

A major review of nutrition studies has found that a healthy diet can improve sleep quality and duration.

14. Cutting down on unhealthy fats can lower cholesterol.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, reducing bad fats — especially trans fats, but also some saturated — from your diet can help lower cholesterol.

15. Eating healthy reduces the risk of kidney stones

According to a study published in Journal of the American Society of NephrologyA healthy diet can reduce the risk of kidney stones.

16. It can help prevent diseases

According to Harvard Medical School, a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables can boost immunity and prevent disease.

17. Eating right is also one of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight.


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