18 months in prison for 61 child fraudsters

18 months in prison for 61 child fraudsters

“The accused is not the first breadwinner to lose his job,” he said.

He considered that with the skills Wayne Jr Kendall had benefited from, he could have re-entered the job market, if that was his choice. Instead, he engaged in an entire scheme of fraud, the actual loss of which was estimated at $215,586.

In addition, Dominique Slater expressed serious doubts that he committed the crimes in order to feed his family and not lose his home, as he admitted. In the eyes of the Court, the 46-year-old man instead acted out of greed and a spirit of revenge against the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

“It is important that the public knows that this is reprehensible behavior,” the judge recalled.

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This public restraint argues for a solid prison term, as opposed to a community sentence, as requested by the defense.

Data theft

The crimes began in 2014 while the man was a contract worker in the CRA’s Child Benefits and Credits department. At one point, he feared losing his job, so he stole the social security numbers and other personal data of 315 beneficiaries.

He suffered from stress and anxiety and filed for disability a few weeks ago. The request was denied and he was unable to return to work. With no income, he turned to stealing personal data.

A two-year investigation by the CRA, along with a logbook seized from his personal computer, helped build his strategy: he targeted the files of people who were permanent residents of the country before, but returned to their country origin. He indicated that the resident returned to the country with children born abroad.

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“Between October 2015 and July 2018, the accused made numerous requests for benefits and credits to the Canada Revenue Agency on behalf of 18 different individuals for a total of 61 dependent children,” summarize Me Julie Laborde, in the crown.

The accused also produced more than a hundred fake identity cards and official road documents: health insurance cards, social insurance cards, permanent resident cards, driving licenses, of government employees.

He created the identities of 37 children and created a permanent resident card for each of them. He failed facial recognition systems, even using his own face on some IDs.

18 months

So the father of the two teenagers was detained last Friday, seven months after pleading guilty to four counts, namely fraud, fraudulent use of computer, theft of data and fabrication of false documents.

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He has no criminal record or addiction issues. The pre-sentence report, however, shows manipulative behavior. The fact remains that the risk of recidivism is described as relatively low and that he is well aware of the consequences of his crimes. His parenting qualities and the support of those close to him are also emphasized.

In particular, he must submit to two years of probation upon his release. He should also be watched for his deceitful behavior, his manipulative behavior as well as his budget management.