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19 most awaited movies of 2023

In terms of box office, December 2022 was a heartbreak, like watching the last meters of a race in which the already almost declared champion sees his medal at stake for a newcomer.

Top Gun: Maverick has quietly reigned at the top spot since its release in late May, taking in nearly $1.5 billion worldwide. in a few weeks, Avatar: Spirit of Water, which hit theaters on Dec. 6, blew Tom Cruise’s neck out on its way to $1.3 billion. The other blockbusters of the year, Jurassic World, Doctor Strange, The Minions or Black Panther, could only utter a brief greeting as James Cameron’s film passed with bated breath.

A promising 2023 for the economic health of cinema

Going by the trend, this new year should be the year of consolidation of recovery of the film industry. While Avatar 2 continues its career on the platform of the highest-grossing films in history (we’ll see if it actually succeeds), in the months since it’s been launched by a series of products designed to explode ticket sales Will witness the landing. Here we bring you an interesting list of 19 movies, out of which we would like to present a few that will definitely steal our hearts, not our wallets.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania

Marvel is going at half throttle since the summons ends with Endgame. It’s like the hangover of success that just won’t go away. The new appearance of Ant-Man and the Wasp should clear up any doubts about what’s to come. They are not first division characters, but they are the ones everyone likes. We’ll see if they’re able to use Alka-Seltzer.

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john wick 4

John Wick is worthy of study, and it is that the first part was a minor cult film that was not even released in cinemas in our country. Already with three parts, having created a new icon and breathed mighty life into action cinema, it has already made its way before the fourth part arrives.

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

It would be most paradoxical if Guardians 3 turns out to be Marvel’s most successful in 2023. And it’s about James Gunn’s departure, not only to his beloved franchise (for him and all of us), but also to Marvel itself. Gunn, already at full capacity as the head of DC, must now fight to oust his own creation from the competition.

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fast x (fast and furious 10)

The booming Speed ​​franchise is coming to an end (or so they say). From their humble beginnings in the grassroots to the aerial car stunts of the latest installments, the dysfunctional Fast & Furious family has built millions of fans along the way. It’s time, of course, for one last adventure before storing the car in the garage.

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023

Spider-Man: Traversing the Multiverse

There are a lot of expectations from the animated Spider-Man. The second installment of what is already considered a classic, Spiderverse, has a good run on the table. The advance trailers look great, so we all cross our fingers very strongly that we get to have an awesome experience at the cinema again.

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate

The magic of CGI will have to be used to the maximum so that we can believe the dangerous adventures of an eighty-year-old Professor Jones on screen. There is also a certain bug that roars inside us and that would compel us to compare it directly to the much abused fourth part (which, on the other hand, has proven itself over time). Without the original creators behind, it’s time to explore something elusive here. Will they get it?

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Mission Impossible 7: Fatal Decision (Part 1)

Tom Cruise is the greatest action hero of this century. With a few exceptions like The Mummy, his choices are always the right ones. In recent months he has been giving us the long teeth with those crazy videos in which he scares us for our lives. This guy is made of a different material, and we’re sure he’ll take our breaths away with Mission Impossible 7.

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Greta Gerwig, director of the wonderful Lady Bird and Little Women, presents us with a project on the Antipodes. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, aka Barbie and Ken, star in this improbable, we hope take on Zoolander-like parody at its best. And that’s where the shots come in while watching that brilliant teaser that pays tribute to Kubrick’s 2001.

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Nolan follows his ball with this recreation of the life and work of the head of the Manhattan Project. Nuclear bombs in an explosive collage (heh) and drama, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent, given the trajectory of its director.

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023

Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom

Jason Momoa has been spared the scythe of James Gunn, at least for now. With the canceled Wonder Woman 3, Batman at his ball and Cavill being sacked as Superman, we only have the controversial Flash who survived through thick and thin, and Sea King from Justice League This is the second incarnation of Certainly its performance at the box office will be watched with a magnifying lens for the foreseeable future.

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023

the little Mermaid

And speaking of seas, a live action adaptation of The Little Mermaid will be a litmus test for Disney. His integration policy has raised eyebrows, but what should matter here is the ultimate quality of the film. If it finally clicks in theaters, they’ll have to think about The Mouse House about the meaning of classics reincarnated in real people, something that has given us more trouble than joy.

The Dunes: Part 2

There were many doubts about the continuation of this project. At a time when cinema was trembling due to the pandemic, the first dune (which seems to be carrying a curse on its back), barely raised one foot in theaters and the other on streaming (in the US) which was essential for Dune 2 implement. For our part we are certainly happy.

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Songbirds and Snakes

The Hunger Games was an adaptation of the teen novels that made a splash at the box office with the fiery Jennifer Lawrence in the lead. Started in 2012, it kicked off a trilogy in 2015, with the last part being adapted into two films. This new installment comes as a prequel to what has already been said, and will have to deal with the fact that its original audience may have grown, the possible oblivion of the event and we will not meet its charismatic protagonist. Will he be able to repeat the event despite everything?

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023


Although it has been a disaster at the US box office, Baabul may make a career out of its home country. La La Land director Damien Chazelle creates an exuberant and poignant freshness lasting three hours, where a luxury cast headed by Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt shows us the turbulent times at the end of the roaring 20s of the last century. Whom Hollywood learned to speak.

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La Ballena (The Whale)

Looks like whales will make us cry. It already achieved this with its protagonist, a huge (in every way) Brendan Fraser, who was moved by the six minutes of applause that began with the film’s premiere at the Venice Festival. Directing this powerful drama is the always wonderful Darren Aronofsky.

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023

the fabelmans

Spielberg looks back and immerses himself in what made him fall in love with cinema as a child. With clear autobiographical touches we may find ourselves returning to the sentimentality of a director who left those parts decades ago. We’ll go see it, even if it’s only for the five minutes in which our acclaimed David Lynch appears on screen playing nothing less than John Ford, including Patch.

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023

the Exorcist

It’s impossible to replicate what The Exorcist premiered in the ’70s. In Spain, queues at the doors of bars were counted by the hours waiting to reach a never-before-seen terror. In this reboot we have once again the legendary Ellen Burstyn reprising her original role as a horrified mother overwhelmed by events, and David Gordon Green is an expert in reviving horror classics like (Halloween Night).

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023


And off we go with another turn at Willy Wonka. The whole family classic from the ’70s already had a remake by Tim Burton, so it was time to investigate other paths… like the one that led the oddball businessman to meet the Oompa-Loompas. Will these strange creatures have a song? We bet yes.

19 Most Awaited Movies Of 2023

super mario bros the movie

We ended up, how could it be otherwise, with a promising movie featuring our favorite plumber (and a thousand other things) because of the place we are. Nintendo finally opens up new ways to move its Hall of Fame members to other media. In a nod to fans, the advances have left a pretty good taste in our mouths, enough to forget the bitter taste we’ve had since the already legendary live-action version from the ’90s.

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