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19 Simeone Phrases: Naughty Reaction To People Who Call Him “Consequentist”, What Things He Has About Bilardo And His Reaction Compared To De Paul

* This is how Cholo Qatar sees Albiceleste for 2022

There is no room for doubt: Diego SimeoneThe 52-year-old is one of the best coaches today. With his style, less associated with possession, but aggressive and effective, he managed to transform Atletico Madrid With reference to the Old Continent and Spain and the permanent candidate for the title of Champions or Europa League, the competition in which it participates. His profile and offer do not leave fans indifferent. And he made it clear again in the interview to the program F90By ESPN,

“You always have to win. There is no way to be able to maintain that many years of stability within a club if it is not winning or is always in the top three. We play in a league where the Champions League, Barcelona or Real Madrid’s champions are usually there, and we live with them, we compete well and we compete with them with our weapons and knowing what’s going our way”, he said.

And he appeals to a particular principle, which he calls “consequential”, answer them. “You have to see where your results are. It’s like that. I keep throwing the same phrase, I invite all the beautiful creators. You play badly and win the World Cup 1-0, do you want the cup or not? I had teammates who played the ball very well and sometimes they said to me “look, we have to win today”. Oh, only today? You always have to win”, the challenge begins, opening the debate.

At the same time, he openly declared himself to be a billardist and revealed what things he took from the doctor. ,I have a lot of things from Billardo, he is one of those who have marked me a lot since that time, appeared with a separate operation with wings attacking from the inside. Oscar (Ruggeri) knows how to explain it better than me, that was light years ahead, When I started in football, at 15, 17, 18, I had Billardo, he marked me, he gave me the style to improvise. For me it was an advance”, he insisted, and went back and forth with Cabezón, his former teammate on the selected team.

“It’s a Billardo pigeon, modern. But he was ahead of everything and we raised you like a pigeon”, returned the former defender’s praise proudly.

* In what details does he resemble Billardo

Key definitions of Simone:

change in football

“Football has completely changed, it is a different kind of football that we have experienced as players. Football today is concerned with the constant movements associated with better defense, which is getting worse and worse because there is too much creativity to injure opponents and in situations that make defending difficult. It’s hard to push up.”

Recognition at Atletico Madrid

“I was a player for 5 years, now I coach at Atletico for 11 years. I honestly try not to feel recognized, someone does it passionately and is happy for themselves. Then when you travel the world If you do, people recognize you. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a compliment, a sign of admiration and respect, but it’s not decisive. I want to win and be good because I love it.”

Their style of play and comparison with “possession games”

“I think in a possession game with the aim of an attack, of course it works. You mechanize the positioning, the game movements, the fluidity. It’s clear it’s not decisive. What’s the quest? scoring position”.

Colconero’s regularity over time

“We had a good regularity, I think, we didn’t have very high peaks like winning the Champions League, and we didn’t have low peaks like not even qualifying. The quest is to keep winning champions and spend as much time between tournaments as possible. It’s time to cut down the time. Real Madrid have 14 champions, we play against every tournament. Now Barcelona have brought in all the good guys and the talent has been added to the mines. It’s very tough”.

The intangible ticket he gave to Atletico Madrid

“I am confident that we have given the club the opportunity to manage the Atlético de Madrid brand all over the world. Based on our results, we have given it the opportunity to sell better and better abroad and today we are recognized in all parts of the world. I think day in and day out and the coaches throw us out if we don’t win. My work takes me away.”

Comparison with Rodrigo de Paul, are they the same?

“before that He plays a lot better than me and sees the game better than me, I don’t know if he has more goals. But he has a special place in the Argentina national team, leadership, I don’t know about the locker room, but you can see it on the playground. We want you to see what you see in Argentina at Atlético de Madrid. Last year it started very well, it had intermittent paths and in the end it was with the level that we got used to it. I hope to get into the World Cup in the best possible way and know how to compete against guys in my position who are very good.”

What did Luis Suarez contribute to his team?

“We enter an aspect that is very difficult to explain, there are players who have scored goals all their lives. Like Lewandowski who reached Barcelona and made five in four games. Suarez came with us and did something similar. Anyone surprised? No. Match position, nerves, finish speed and coach’s quest to find plays similar to the match.

Messi’s gift

“You guys are complicated. They want to find the best Messi. When you’re 35 you manage better in some things and worse in others. Not everything is possible.”

What do you expect from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

“We are going to see a great World Cup, because usually it comes at the end of the season, in which case they will be at their best. It is a matter of thinking that a footballer is being called in for the last seven matches. is, only one out of 26 is capable. I doubt Scoloni or whoever has so many doubts on the list. Case of Lodi, who went to Nottingham Forest to play and I don’t agree that if I can play the World Cup I’m out of the world, it’s because I don’t play. Student. You were out of the World Cup because of the four-year process and not because of these last few months. When they return, the second phase begins. Football is still being played and will be disillusioned in January.

His optimistic view of the Argentina team

“I see him in a state of joy, excitement. Wake up security in them. It doesn’t matter who they play against. I look at it with the security that a team should have. Then it’s football, something Could be too. Fundamental to the safety mind is a boost for the team”.

His appreciation for the de Gallardo River

“River plays well, he still wants to wake up to something different with a lot of game dynamics. Marcelo (Gallardo) is doing a phenomenal job with the pressure that the situation implies and has managed to manage the change in the squad. Stay. I like how the river plays”.

How do you deal with defeat, what does it do for you?

“Sad. For that you have to go through all the states. For those who have more habit of winning, defeat creates restlessness. Guardiola, Klopp, Tuchel, Conte get furious. Because they ain’t used to losing, but it’s something that can always happen,

0-5 against Colombia in the qualifiers for the 94 World Cup and the impact it caused

“More than a big loss, we must highlight the Colombian goalkeeper who took three, four balls which were decisive. Every Colombia counterattack was fatal and we didn’t know whether we were in or out of the World Cup. It was one of the toughest nights of my time as a player. Knowing that it was an exceptional game on their part and they took advantage of all their possibilities. But to tell the goalkeeper that in the first half he showed off.

Collective play on individual imbalance

“You always see the best. Be creative, copy and improvise what you imagine. It’s 10 against 10 and you have to generate a game. That’s what we’re looking for. Look at the other and think with your own style.” How to play. Coaches are important because today’s game is not the same. Today there are only a few teams that have one player who only solves the match, it’s a collective quest. With all the important players, PSG also doesn’t depend on one Is.

Why are you not afraid of the word failure?

“If you go to the dictionary and see what the word failure says, it means you didn’t have to reach the goal. I wanted to win the Champions League and I didn’t. So it was a failure. You game over. Let’s do it, they call you to the press conference minutes after you’re on target. I told them what I felt, I believed we could win this.”

death of his father

“Of course I miss him. He just left, he must be watching us. Like every son who lost a father, it’s a loss. But I miss him dearly.”

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