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Thursday, April 15, 2021

2 Italian, a kidnapping drama for ransom; Sold to real jihadis in Syria

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Sometimes over-cleverness gets into a lot of trouble. This thing Italy These two No one can understand it better than citizens. In fact, two men conspired to kidnap themselves at the hands of fake terrorists to obtain a ransom from the Italian government. However, a traumatic incident occurred to him when he was sold to real jihadis.

According to Italian prosecutors, Alessandro Sandrini and Sergio Janoti plotted their own kidnapping with the help of a fake gang of two Albanian men and another Italian man. These two Italian citizens met others in their home town of Brescia.

Prosecutors claim that both individuals were taken to Turkey for 5 months in 2016 with the same gang. There was a deal between them to get money from the government. According to this, the video of the kidnapping was to be shot, just like fake ISIS. After this, the ransom amount received from the government to redeem them was to be shared among themselves.

Police have claimed that Sandrini’s girlfriends had overheard the kidnappers saying that they wanted to keep Sandrini in a villa in luxury between ‘drugs, alcohol and girls’. Sandrini had told his girlfriend about the plan. Along with this, he was lured that if he would not tell this to anyone, he would give him 100,000 euros. Prosecutors claim that the kidnappers paid 50 euros every week to keep Sandrini’s girlfriend silent.

According to sources, the gang with which Sandrini conspired to kidnap himself betrayed and sold them to militants of the radical Islamic group ‘Turkistan Islamic Party’ in Syria. In this way Sandrini became trapped in her own trap. However, Sandrini told a local newspaper, denying the allegations, “the actual kidnapping was from beginning to end.”

The gang involved behind this kidnapping has been arrested by the police. He is also suspected of fake kidnapping of Zanotti. Janoti had earlier claimed that he was kidnapped while buying rare coins in Turkey. Janoti was then handed over to an Islamic terrorist organization. Like Sandrini, he was associated with al-Qaeda before leaving in 2019. According to sources, “Investigations are underway against Sandrini and Janoti may be caught soon in the case of fake kidnapping.”

In 2018, a video of Sandrini was revealed which had a scene of her actual kidnapping. In this, he was kneeling in front of the armed kidnappers, pleading for help. After this, in May 2019, after the kidnappers were released from captivity, he claimed that he was drugged and kidnapped at a hotel while on vacation in Turkey. When he returned after being released, he was under house arrest due to involvement in several robbery incidents.

Janoti has kept silence on the allegations so far. He was released by terrorists a year ago in April 2019. At that time, the then Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte had said that Janoti is in good condition and thanked the Italian Intelligence Bureau for investigating the case.

Janoti’s ex-wife told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that she was surprised to hear of the allegations leveled against her. He told us that when he was imprisoned near Aleppo, he was forced to eat grass like a horse.

Sources say that the Italian government suspects that a ransom was given for his release. According to Italian judicial sources, the two individuals did not receive a single penny in these kidnapping incidents. If anything was paid, they received nothing.

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