2 minors killed, 8 injured in shooting at Pittsburgh party

2 minors killed, 8 injured in shooting at Pittsburgh party

Pittsburgh: Two minors were killed and at least eight people injured in a shooting at a house party in Pittsburgh early Sunday. police gave this information.

Pittsburgh police said in a news release that the shooting happened around 12:30 p.m. during a party at a short-term rental property where there were more than 200 people—many of them underage. Two male victims died in hospital, police said, and eight more are being treated for gunshot wounds. A police release initially said nine others were injured, but Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert revised the numbers to an afternoon press conference.

Authorities said others were injured trying to escape, with at least two people breaking their bones by jumping from the windows of the building. Police said oncoming officers reported firing in the area and saw several youths fleeing the area on foot and in vehicles.

Police said 50 rounds were fired inside and several rounds outside. Pittsburgh Police Commander John Fischer told WTAE-TV that rifle and pistol shells were found at the scene. Police said police are processing evidence at eight different crime sites in a few blocks around the shooting site.

“You have alcohol, you have underage people and you have guns – it’s a deadly combination in any kind of incident, and the end result is a tragedy,” Fisher told WPXI-TV.

The names of the two youths who died were not immediately released. No arrests were immediately reported and police did not immediately release information about any suspects.

Allegheny General Health reported that seven people were treated at Allegheny General Hospital and one at Jefferson Hospital for gunshot wounds or other injuries. But officials declined to release his terms or other information.

Neighbor Michelle Wilston, 30, told The Associated Press that he and his wife were outside during the shooting, but before leaving they saw a neighborhood full of people, cars parked the wrong way down the street and outside a rented house. There was a line.

“It was so clear that there was going to be a problem – a line of 14-year-olds trying to get to this place,” he said. The home has previously been rented for bachelorette parties or other events, or for families of baseball players because of its proximity to the stadium, but there have been no problems, he said.

Airbnb spokesman Ben Breit confirmed that the home was rented through the company. He said Booker, who must be 18 or older according to Airbnb rules, has received a lifetime ban. Breit’s statement said the party was thrown without the knowledge of the host, whose listing banned parties and advertised an overnight noise curfew.

Breit said Airbnb is cooperating with officials: “We share the outrage of the Pittsburgh community about this tragic gun violence. Our hearts are with all those affected – including those who lost their lives, were injured.” Loved ones of the victims and neighbors are involved.”

That morning, Wilston found his wife’s white car covered in blood, possibly from someone fleeing the shooting and trying to hide behind the vehicle, he said.

“It is very, very disappointing to see the way the bullets were fired, perpendicular to our house,” he said. He said he could see bullet holes in the adjoining building from his desk and another building from another window.

Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Geany condemned the violence, which he attributed to a failure to remove guns from the streets and to provide adequate resources to communities. He said the city would convene a meeting with local leaders to get feedback on a new, citywide approach to public safety.

Gainey, who has recently been in isolation due to the risk of COVID-19, said in a statement, “The time has come for us to move forward with a sense of urgency to bring justice to the victims and peace in our city.” Go on.”


Associated Press journalist Ron Todd in Philadelphia contributed to this report.