2 people died and 2 were hospitalized following a large drilling rig accident and a car crash in Ventura County.

Authorities said the fire accident involving a sedan and a large truck killed two people and two were hospitalized in Ventura County on Monday afternoon.

The accident occurred at 14:58 at block 5800 on Grimes Canyon Road, near the Moorpark city limits. California Highway Patrol

The CHP officers reported that both cars were on fire.

Captain Robert Welsby, a spokesman for the Ventura County Fire Department, said the units were dispatched at 3:00 pm and treated four people.

Two of them were pronounced dead at the scene, Welsby said. Their age and gender were not immediately known, but it was confirmed that they were both passengers on the sedan.

The other passenger of the sedan had to be removed using tools such as the jaws of life, he said.

Officer Ryan Ayers, a spokesman for the Highway Patrol Office in Moorpark, said of two surviving patients: one was the driver of a Peterbilt tractor and the other was a passenger on a Toyota sedan.

Both were rushed to hospitals in a ground ambulance, Ayers said. The driver of a large car was moderately injured and a Toyota passenger was seriously injured.

The officer said the teams are finishing work at the scene and hope to open the roadway in about an hour.


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