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Thursday, April 15, 2021

21-year-old girl became the don of Dongri, know why people were shaken even by reporting to the police

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(Deepak Dubey) Mumbai: When a beautiful 21-year-old girl used to go out on the streets of Dongri area of ​​Mumbai, people would get sweaty. Some also used to think many times by becoming an informer of the police. It is said that whoever used to inform about it, was in a very bad condition.

The Narcotics Control Bureau has been successful. A 21-year-old drugs queen has been arrested from Dongri area of ​​Mumbai, who had been escaping from the NCB for the last three months. The team of zonal director Sameer Wankhede of NCB had been searching for this girl for a long time. NCB has finally arrested this vicious girl of Chinku Pathan and Ijaz Psycho gang in a raid in Dongri area of ​​Mumbai.

According to information received from NCB sources, Iqra Qureshi, who was arrested, used to trade black on MD drugs, L SD and Charas on a large scale. It is also known as Lady Don in Dongri area. The NCB team was searching for this for the last three months. It is also alleged that this also gets the news of the police who used to give information about its business.

Customers were found on Instagram:

Iqra Qureshi does drugs through Instagram. It contacts new customers through Instagram. And when the customer had to supply drugs, he would deliver through women. It has hired 5-6 women for this job.

Simcard was replaced after two days:

Iqra is so vicious that a phone was used only for 2 to 4 days for a deal. After that, the new phone used to take a new number. So that the agency is not on the radar. If it is found that someone is giving secret information to the police and NCB, he would have threatened through his boyfriend.

Many cases are registered on Lady Dawn:

A case is registered in this regard with the police. Also a case of drugs case is also registered in NCB. The NCB has recovered MD drugs worth Rs 1.5 lakh from it and is further investigating how big its network is and where it used to supply the drug.


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