25 Years Without Princess Diana: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Her Life

    Today is 31st August 2022 25 years since Princess Diana He lost his life in a traffic accident in Paris. Already officially divorced from Prince Charles, Lady Di had a romantic relationship with Dodi Fayed, who died under similar circumstances to his. Hours before the tragic incident, the princess’s security chief misled the paparazzi by leaving the Ritz Hotel with the car everyone believed Diana was leaving. However, both he and Fayed exited the building through a back door down Rue Cambon. There he was picked up by another car with Trevor Rees-Jones, a member of the security detail of Fayed’s family, at the wheel. Said vehicle left the road in central Paris towards the Place de la Concorde, from there towards a tunnel under Cours la Reine, Cours Albert and, soon thereafter, the Place de l’Alma. there, in the thirteenth pillar, where fatal blow,

    From that moment, recorded at 00:23 am, the world and above all, England has never been the same again. Diana SpencerDeclared ‘Princess of the People’, style icon And the famous activist, he lost his life in violent circumstances and London was soon filled with tributes in the form of flowers, photographs, candles… 25 years later, his legacy is immortal. His outfit is still most commented upon and recreated, his face interpreted in countless films (‘wig‘, among others), strings (‘Crown’) and documentaries… and yet, little is known about him that we decided to turn to 10 facts about Diana’s life In our personal tribute.

    10 things you didn’t know about Princess Diana

    We review some of the data that was assumed on August 31, 1997 and which, however, contribute to shaping Symbol of style, gentleness and generosity That, together, we survive 25 years later.

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however before becoming princess of vale She devoted herself to other jobs that we’ll tell you about next, the truth is that Diana Spencer’s dream was to become none other than professional ballet dancer, Sapna who was disappointed because of her height, as it was too much for this discipline.


education was not his thing

It is said that Princess Diana was not really an exemplary student, as there were so many subjects that she he was not good at them, it is they were taught at homeWhere he studied till the age of 9.

Before becoming a princess, Diana Spencer She worked as a teacher and part-time babysitter. At the same time, she was sharing a flat with some friends in central London.

Did you know that Prince Carlos he was dating his sister Lady Sarah Spencer, before choosing Diana as the future wife? You are right. Lady Di’s older sister was one of the first girlfriends of the heir to the throne of England.


Carlos and Diana were distant cousins

Well, to be completely fair, they were Quite a distant cousin. As is known, each a . has descended from daughter of King Henry VII, On one side Margaret (wife of James IV of Scotland) and Mary (wife of Charles Brandon).


first and last date

Far from maintaining a long courtship before marriage, Diane and Charles They only saw each other 12 times before ‘Yes, I do’.


request a catalog

However, what is common in the ‘royal’ tradition is that Engagement ring Made to measure and completely personalized, it is known that it was his own Diana who chose her And he did it from a catalogue.


Your Designer and Headboard Tiara

However, despite the fact that Kate Middleton’s engagement ring today is, at least, iconic… it wasn’t exactly her favorite piece of jewelry. Diana was really devoted La Tiara Cambridge Lover’s Knot, Tiara that she wore in combination with various outfits Katherine Walker, your favorite designer.


wedding dress that broke all records

In addition to marking before and after bridal trends of that time, princess diana wedding dress broke many records. aside his tail, which measured exactly 8 metropolis And so was taller than any other royal bride. In addition, it is estimated that a clone of your design (by Elizabeth and David Emmanuel) Just arrived at a store five hours After the celebration of her wedding with Prince Charles.


two months before he died

On June 23, 1997, just two months after the tragic accident, Princess Diana celebrated a very special auction, auction put up for sale 79 of her most iconic outfits and whose profits were used wholly to fund related research Cancer and HIV.

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