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3 reasons that prevent you from losing weight according to science (and not eating too much)

When a patient tells me that no diet or laughter helps him lose weight, the first thing I assess is if his intestine is healthy and if the bacteria that live in it are in balance. Also if you lead a very fast lifestyle or if you have symptoms of inflammation. These factors, which are closely related, can slow down weight loss, despite following a low-calorie diet.

Because of your microbial composition, it may be more difficult for you to lose weight. If you have mostly bacteria in your gut, called yeasts, which extract calories from food, you will be more prone to accumulating fat. But if others dominate, the bacteroidetes, they lose weight more easily. With age there is a tendency for firmness to rise and bacteroides to fall.

What are Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes?

To have a healthy gut, we need good bacterial diversity, and to lose weight, we want bacteroides to be more robust. Firmicutes like grains, fruits and vegetables.

These bacteria are reduced if we follow the appetite without diet and eat foods rich in quercetin, such as garlic, leeks, onions, apples, red fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cider vinegar.

The amount of Firmicutes and Bacteroides bacteria that we will have in our body weight.


For its part, bacteroidetes increase if we do sports, fast for more than 12 hours and if we leave at least 4 hours between meals. They also increase the intake of omega 3 and monounsaturated fats from foods such as flax, chia, hemp, nuts, fish oil, shellfish, and seaweed.

Stress affects the stomach

No matter how well we adapt to the diet, if we are overwhelmed, we will not lose weight, because the energy makes digestion difficult. When we say that our nerves are in our stomachs, it is very true. At the peak of stress, the body puts digestion on hold because it thinks it is dealing with a threat, true or not. If we do not have good digestion, we cannot have a healthy intestine.

It is not lightened to make fat?

If we live permanently stressed, our body ends up releasing a lot of cortisol. In response, the secretion of insulin also increases, the hormone that allows sugar to enter the cells, but also the excess “stores”. So it happens that we accumulate fat instead of burning it. But also, this excess of cortisol can affect the thyroid, which is the regulator of metabolism. If the levels of certain thyroid hormones drop, the metabolism slows down and it is difficult to lose weight.

You want to control your weight

“Considering the power it has on fat accumulation, metabolism and inflammation, we need to find a way to counter it. There are supplements to help. For example, I use ashwagandha, an herb that relieves nervousness and anxiety, and allows me to stay centered and focused.

You will find it in infusion bags, capsules and powder. We also have to find activities that help us. At least, it’s something I’m passionate about that helps me express myself and gives me energy. I am very happy dancing and this makes my body release oxytocin, which lowers my cortisol levels”.

Ashwagandha is a supplement that helps to lower our cortisol levels.


What does inflammation look like?

The inflammatory response is the immune response to an injury in the body. For example, if you cut yourself, the area will swell because the body is reacting to fix the problem. The same thing happens when we eat badly, as it went on, because the body is not ready to digest it and it requires a great effort. or to make our case immune against them.

If we add to this the high level of cortisol from stress, things are more complicated. Cortisol tells the liver and muscle tissue to release glucose into the blood. In response, insulin is produced to store excess glucose. In the long run, elevated cortisol and low levels of inflammation lead to insulin resistance—more and more needed to keep blood sugar levels low. And this leads to more inflammation and more fat accumulation.

Turmeric, avocado, nuts, broccoli, blueberries, and ginger are anti-inflammatory foods.

6 foods prevent inflammation.


How thin does it go down?

My goal is to do it with a Mediterranean style diet, eating more fish or vegetable protein (tofu, tempeh…) than meat and, of course, lots of vegetables. Most of all, they avoid insulin-spiking foods that are made from refined grains, rich in simple sugars, beyond processing.

It is true that in some cases this alone is not enough. When there are intestinal permeability and hormonal problems, changes in diet are much more drastic. But these recommendations are very valid for us.

few carbohydrates and vegetables

It is as bad to consume them in excess as to suppress them altogether. In excess, they represent a high source of sugars which cause an increase in insulin. But if we completely remove it, the intestinal flora is weakened. Insoluble fiber is necessary for healthy bacteria in our intestines. If you want to lose weight, you can eat small servings of vegetables and whole grains.

they will eat the figs

We obtain this starch from tubers (potato, potato, carrot), rice or vegetables after cooking them and refrigerating them for 24 hours. Along with it, certain beneficial bacteria are fed, specifically muconutritive, which help to maintain the health of our intestinal mucosa. Learn about resistant starch here.

increases quercetin intake

Quercetin helps balance the bacteria with bacteroidetes in a way that helps us when it comes to losing weight. For this I recommend regular consumption of fruits rich in quercetin, such as apples or red apples, and foods such as onions (especially purple ones), garlic, leeks, cauliflower, and vinegar.

light meal

Good digestion promotes good rest. And if we rest well, we are less stressed. That’s why I recommend that you take vegetable broth or crackers that are easily digested. Also steamed fish en papillote, tortilla, etc. Many people choose to prepare a salad for dinner, which is readily available. But lettuce can cause severe indigestion and gas. Leave it at noon.

to prepare a light potion

If you have digestive upset, whatever time you take it, replace the lettuce with arugula, lamb’s lettuce or other green shoots, because they are better tolerated. It is also useful to add sprouts (medicinal, Greek hay…). Its enzymes stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the microbiota.

Fast for at least 12 hours

It is healthy to allow at least 12 hours between lunch and breakfast. And for this, it is wise to have dinner early. If you can go 15 or 16 hours of fasting, you get more benefits, because the cleaning of the cell is promoted, which is called phagocytosis, and this gives us more energy and promotes longevity. Here we teach you how to easily do continuous fasting.


To avoid harmful stress on the digestive system and the microbiota, take your time to eat, do it in a calm environment and take a good bite of both. On the following pages you will see a sample menu and recipes to help your diet reduce inflammation and heal your microbiota.

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