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3 reasons why running in the cold is good for your health

  • Exercise physiologist Tom Holland invites you to go running when you have a cold.
  • This activity helps improve mood and the immune system during the coldest months.
  • Plus, the cold puts less stress on the body than running in hot weather.
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Exercise physiologist Tom Holland said that although most people who exercise prefer to stay indoors when temperatures drop, winter is actually the best time to run.

According to the expert, running in the cold is not only very beneficial, but the body has to work much less than doing it when it is warm.

holland explained business Insider Running in cold weather can improve mood and even make the immune system more resistant to winter illnesses.

What to wear?: A tight first layer, a hat and gloves

Holland, who is the host of the podcast fitness hamperedTold that some important things should be taken care of while running in the cold. First, you want to make it a priority to keep your hands, arms, and ears warm.

“If you look in front of a marathon on a cold day, the elite runners are wearing tank tops and shorts, as well as hats and gloves,” he said.

When it’s cold, the body prioritizes heating the trunk, which moves blood away from the heart to parts of the body.

For the rest of the body, Holland commented that you have to stay warm, but not too much, which will depend on the person and how cold it is outside. Although you shouldn’t feel cold when you go outside, the cold won’t last long because your body will warm up when you start running.

He recommends a tight-fitting first layer for the upper body, which can be sufficient even under freezing temperatures. If it’s really cold, an upper body layer works well. If the weather is more extreme, wear a windproof cycling jacket.

One or two layers is usually sufficient for the lower body.

Benefit 1: Your performance will be better

One of the best reasons to run in the cold, according to Holland, is that you’ll probably run faster and feel better than you would running in the heat.

Temperature regulation during a run puts stress on the body, but it is greater in hot weather as blood rushes to the skin to produce sweat. This process diverts blood from the heart, which is the “engine” that drives the race, he explained.

Although the “ideal” temperature for running is probably 15ºC, when it is neither too cold nor too hot, body temperature regulation in cold weather is not the same as running, as blood flows back to the heart. is directed.

Although research is inconclusive on whether or not the cold helps the body burn calories, Holland said, chances are you push yourself harder when you feel better in the cold.

Benefit 2: Running in the cold can lift your mood

Holland said her favorite reason for advising people to run in the cold is that it will make you feel better mentally. Exercise, which includes running, releases mood-enhancing chemicals such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

The colder months are also a time when you may not feel like going outside as much, but it’s really important to do so, Holland said. As the days get shorter, conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder become more common.

The expert pointed out that exercising in nature can be even more beneficial for mental health than exercising indoors.

“If we look at the research on exercise outside, we do it longer, enjoy it more, and are more likely to do it again,” he said.

Benefit 3: Exercising in the cold can be good for the immune system

According to Holland, any type of physical activity is beneficial for health, as studies show that being more sedentary in the winter can increase your chances of disease.

Scientific evidence also suggests that exposure to physical conditions such as cold can help your body cope better with stress in general.

Holland said that to stay healthy, it’s important to challenge your body during times when you stay indoors and move less.

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