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3 streamers who gained massive popularity by playing Among Us

Among Us was one of the most popular games in 2020, with an overwhelming number of viewers flocking to watch every stream that featured the Mafia-inspired hit game. Many streamers who played the game saw their popularity spike exponentially, due to the potential to collaborate with other streamers.

With many gaining success due to the popularity of the game, let’s take a look at three streamers whose careers have absolutely skyrocketed due in part to playing the game. While the popularity of the game did get them a boost in viewers, there is certainly a reason why they were able to keep growing because of it, which we will also be taking a brief look at.

3 streamers who gained stardom by playing Among Us

1) Disguised Toast

The Face Of Among Us, Disguised Toast (Image Via Disguised Toast/Youtube)
The face of Among Us, Disguised Toast (Image via Disguised Toast/YouTube)

Disguised Toast quickly became the face of the game and created videos that garnered millions of views over the span of the Among Us trend. He truly utilized the prospect of making the game all about outsmarting your opponents, creating videos that had titles with “1000 IQ imposter play” that enticed viewers to watch the videos.


While he was definitely already successful both on his streaming platform Facebook and on YouTube, this phase of his career guaranteed that each video he made of him and his friends playing the game would get over one million views, with his best performing video gaining over 10 million views.

Since he stopped playing the game, he has moved from Facebook to Twitch, where he has found success in his solo career. While Among Us did get him a massive influx of viewers, he was able to maintain a large percentage of that audience and has been able to use the bump in popularity to his advantage.

2) Sykkuno

Sykkuno (Right) Meeting The Popular Streamer Xqc (Image Via Xqc/Twitter)
Sykkuno (Right) meeting the popular streamer xQc (Image via xQc/Twitter)

It may be hard to believe, but Sykkuno was virtually unknown to most of the internet just over two years ago, pulling in only 1,000 viewers per stream as opposed to his current average of 10,000.

However, he quickly rose through the ranks by streaming with Offline TV, a group of high-profile streamers like Disguised Toast, Pokimane, and many more.


The Among Us trend boosted his views on YouTube and Twitch, making him one of the most well-known personalities that played the game. Along with Offline TV, he was able to make many friends through playing the game, such as YouTube’s most popular Irishman, Jacksepticeye, along with the final entry on this list.

Since participating in the trend, he has been able to consistently grow his audience by collaborating with some of the biggest streamers on Twitch. He has also been able to maintain a friendly community that reflects the streamer’s personality, and has created a place where wholesome interactions are an everyday occurrence.

Among Us may have jump-started his career, he has been able to take his audience with him since the trend has ended, showing that his audience watches him for who he is.

3) Corpse Husband

One Of The Most Distinguishable Voices On The Internet, Corpse Husband (Art Via Balderdash94123/Twitter)
One of the most distinguishable voices on the internet, Corpse Husband (Art via balderdash94123/Twitter)

Corpse Husband is one of the most unique people to have ever played Among Us, since all of his content before participating in the trend was entirely different.

The videos he made over the course of the course five years prior to his massive popularity boost were all of a similar nature: reading horror stories that were posted online. These videos had a good amount of success tied to them, but his viewership truly came when he shocked the streamer world with his incredibly low voice.


Many couldn’t believe that what they were hearing wasn’t a voice modulator, with almost every streamer giving a huge reaction to his incredibly unique voice. While his debut created a stir online, many were surprised that he was an incredibly nice guy, despite the menacing voice.

The first video he posted on Among Us gained an overwhelming amount of support, which at this point in time has just over 30 million views.


While this massive increase in popularity was aided by the trend, many kept watching his videos for a variety of reasons, one definitely being his voice. Many found the editing style very pleasing, while others loved Corpse’s sense of humor.

He streams infrequently due to health issues, but whenever he does stream there’s always a massive turnout, with tens of thousands of people joining the stream to watch their favorite faceless personality.

While it’s hard to find a true scope on how he has used the increase in fame, as he has only uploaded two videos since the Among Us era has ended, it’s undeniable that he was able to acquire a large following from the trend and keep a large portion of it.

While each of these streamers were certainly aided by playing an extremely popular game like Among Us, it’s very clear that they’ve been able to take on the newfound audience and keep them entertained, truly showing that all three of these people are more than just “Among Us streamers.”

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