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4 Loss of Chicago Bulls Game 1 at the Milwaukee Books – and what you can do to win Game 2

4 Loss of Chicago Bulls Game 1 at the Milwaukee Books - and what you can do to win Game 2

Before the Chicago Bulls’ 93-86 defeat, they were on the verge of complaining in Game 1 of the first round of the NBA series, eliminating a 16-point deficit in the first half.

Here are four ways to get out of the game when the Bulls gather in Milwaukee for Game 2 Wednesday night.

1. The bulls are determined to play a defensive role.

The Bulls Defender was the star of Sunday’s showdown, locking up the Bucks’ loss to the top of the regular season. After a 16-point lead, Bucks’ defensive tackles fell to 20 points in the second and fourth quarters.

The key was complete physical commitment. The bulls threw corpses at each player and at each passing line. This led to the Transformation of 21 Bucks, a huge number of mistakes for such a patriotic team.

Defensively, he still showed his weaknesses – especially in a skipped pass that allowed the Bucks to spin the ball until it hit an open player. But that effort, coupled with a poor shootout on both sides, was enough to keep the league in the relegation zone below 100 points.

2. The bulls missed the transition opportunities.

Although the bulls’ defensive line was enough to get him back, he did not go straight to the end of the attacker. Despite the dramatic change, the Bulls scored just five points in the transition.

The Bulls team, which has spent most of the season focused on building a defensive-first identity that can beat and improve on the field. At times, bullfighters Zack Lavin and Alex Caruso seem to have set numbers on the Bucks to push forward, but they have to pull the trigger and prepare for a half-court break.

Coach Billy Donovan: “I thought we missed a lot of chances in the first half of the transition.” I don’t think we did well during the break. We had chances there.

3. Giannis Antetokounmp’s stagnation remains the focus.

Stop Antetokounmpo is a game changer for the Bucks. He didn’t play well in the first game and only took one shot in the fourth quarter but still finished with 27 points and 16 assists.

Antetokounmpo Bucks elevates, scoring or facilitating goals for his teammates. Every time Antetokounmpo goes out of court, the Bulls have the advantage – Bucks Plus-19 is twice as much MVP in court and less than -12 without him.

For the Bulls, without the Antetokounmpo, the Bucks must win games. But the Bulls were successful in clearing the big part of the game due to fouls, and Patrick Williams, who was on the verge of knocking out Antitokunpo in the fourth quarter, jumped on the record with five fouls. However, Williams was called to account.

Attacking Antetokounmpo is hard work. But it could be a way to knock the Bucks star out of the game, as players like Demer Derozan can draw offense.

4. The young bulls get the first taste of the game.

On Sunday, he made his debut for a number of key players on the ball list, including Lavin, Williams, Ayo Dosunmu and Koby White. For White and Williams, their roles and concerns have not changed from the regular season to the post-season.

Williams got his start and spent most of his time defending the Antioch. It is a tough match for the inexperienced Williams with NBA Finals MVP. He blurted out to the attacker, picking up only three bullets and continuing to commit atrocities.

White continued to come out of the bench, creating the most important flash in the third quarter giving the Bulls first lead in three baskets, including deep 3-pointers.

But the role of the dossier was very different. The starter played in less than nine minutes, a few months ago which greatly reduced his starting role. Although Caruso has returned to first place after recovering from a wrist and back injury, Dosumu is still a two-point keeper after Lonzo Ball was out of action this season.

According to Donovan, the bulls did not enter the game with the intention of limiting the minutes, but adding extra minutes was a natural result.

“I have a lot of faith in Iowa, but when you get to this point and a few days between games, you see Voch (Nicola Chechevich) and Zack and Demar and their friends. Minutes are going to be very high, ”Donovan said. “Those people have to play a lot of minutes and this will definitely go into other minutes.”

But the minutes of Derozan and Lavin were the same as in the regular season, with players such as Derek Jones Jr. – who came out of full rotation in the final weeks of the season – outstanding.

Presenting the beginner to his usual workload may cause the bulls to rise from their seats, but at least the experienced player in the roster will be a new challenge for the dozen.


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