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4 Muscles You Probably Didn’t Know Existed & The Best Exercises To Build Them According To A Personal Trainer

Whether you are a beginner or a gym veteran, You’re probably losing stability and strength by ignoring major leg and core muscles. According to a personal trainer.

Most people neglect important muscle groups in the hips, back and abdomen.The key is to have stability and balance, according to Kat Kom, CEO and founder of Studio Sweat On Demand.

add exercise to work undervalued muscles such as the abductors, adductor, the longest and transverse abdominis Com explains that stretching can help you get more out of your workouts and may even help prevent injuries. business Insider.

“I try to incorporate these exercises because people don’t do them on their own,” he notes.

Hip muscles, such as the abductors and adductors, balance the lower body.

one of the following most underrated muscle group According to com, it is usually of the hips. However, men and women have different vulnerabilities in this area.

For ladies, Glute exercises are popular, but they often don’t involve the hip abductors and the gluteus medius, or “lateral rear,” on the outside of the leg.

“In our quest to get a toned and supported upper body, we often forget to work the smaller muscles in the hips,” explains the trainer.

To work the outside of the hips, he recommends flexion lunges, in which you step one leg behind the other while bending the knee. You can also do CPs, lying on your side and stacking your knees, then lifting your top knee toward the ceiling (with an optional resistance band for an added challenge).

opposite of this, Men ignore the exercise for the inner thigh, or adductor muscleswhich help stabilize the lower body and are essential for hip mobility.

A variant of the squat called sumo, with a wide stance and legs, helps work the adductors.

“It’s not often that you see men who are comfortable doing sumo squats, and they should,” says Kom.

Don’t Forget the Deep Core Muscles in Abdominal Exercises

Though trunk exercises are very popularAccording to, people often focus too much on the upper layers of the muscles and not enough on the transversus abdominis, the “deep abs” that help provide core stability and strength.

recommend moves like com bicycle abs and Go up pilates, where you lie on your back, arms above your head, and slowly rotate your body to a seated position, then reach for your toes and work your way up to your core or Summary.

both exercises work all the abdominal muscles, and The slower and more controlled the movement, the more benefit you’ll get.

“If you slow down, you’ll get twice the benefit and you’re more likely to avoid injury,” he says.

back muscles work to support the torso

To prevent injury and provide stability, a strong back is important, and often overlooked, Com said.

You might be working your “core” abs in the front, but not hitting the same spot on the other side of your body,” he explains.

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dubbed as practice Superman this is a good way strengthen the backComposed of three muscles, including the erector spinae muscles that support the spinal column the longest, spinalis I iliocostalis, The exercise also works the glutes and abs.

To do this exercise lying on your stomach, kick your legs back and make a “Y” shape by lifting your chest and arms off the floor. Stay in the position for a few seconds and repeat. 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps is a good starting point.

Although traditionally it is done with the palms of the hands facing the groundKom recommends turning the hands so that the palms are facing inward.towards each other, to relieve pressure on the shoulder joint.

com’s favorite exercises, the dead weightAlso strengthens the back and provides great performance by working the core, glutes, hamstrings and hips at the same time for total body benefits.

“You can load it up a lot and get a lot of profit,” he says.

just make sure Warm up properly and use the correct form As with all exercises, avoid injury.

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