4 Reasons It’s Important to Use Vitamin C in the Skincare Network

4 Reasons It's Important to Use Vitamin C in the Skincare Network

vitamin C It is one of the ingredients in beauty products known to have many benefits for facial skin. In general, vitamin C can be found in any beauty product, from cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, serums, face masks and more.

However, the use of vitamin C is still widely avoided for some people. This is because vitamin C is believed to cause the skin to become red, itchy or itchy. tingling When applied to the skin. This is what was reported from the page yourself,

Nevertheless, Vitamin C turns out to be of great benefit on the facial skin if used in the right time and range. Starting with several sources, here are reasons why vitamin C is important in the circuit: Care of skin,

1. Increase Collagen Production

Increase Collagen Production
Increases Collagen Production / Photo: pexels.com/Ron Lach

As we age, collagen production slows down. This leads to the appearance of wrinkles or loss of elasticity of the skin of the face. launch from page very good healthVitamin C will accelerate the production of collagen, elastin and keep the skin supple.

Not only this, by increasing the production of collagen in the skin, facial skin can be prevented from flaking and the skin can be strengthened naturally. Nevertheless, the effect will not be noticed immediately, so you need to regularly use vitamin C in series. Care of skinFor the appearance of tighter looking facial skin.

2. Overcoming Uneven Skin Tone

Overcome Uneven Skin Tone
Overcoming Uneven Skin Tone / Photo: pexels.com/Lucas Macario

Uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation can be caused by an increase in melanin, the natural pigment that gives color to the skin, hair and eyes. Sun exposure, hormones and age are some of the factors that can increase melanin. Eucerin,

By adding vitamin C to the chain Care of skinVitamin C will work by inhibiting the synthesis of melanin and hide hyperpigmentation, melasma or dark spots on the facial skin.

3. Protects the skin from the UV rays of the sun

Protects The Skin From The Uv Rays Of The Sun
Protects the skin from the sun’s UV rays/Photo: Mikhail Nilov

Although the UV rays of the sun have a positive effect on the health of the body, but if the skin is exposed to the UV rays of the sun for a long time then it can become weak. skin barrier and tends to cause skin to become dry, red, or irritated sunburn,

launch from page yourself, Vitamin C contains antioxidants that can protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays and fight free radicals such as pollution or smoke. Vitamin C also has anti-inflammatory properties that accelerate wound healing by regenerating facial skin cells.

4. Reduces redness on facial skin

Reduces Redness On Facial Skin
Reduces redness of facial skin/Photo: pexels.com/Mikhail Nilov

Redness of facial skin can be caused by many factors, such as exposure to sunlight or using the wrong beauty products. Vitamin C which has anti-inflammatory properties helps to soothe red skin.

Not only this, vitamin C can restore the glow of the facial skin in a better way if used regularly. This is what was reported from the page healthline,


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