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4 Tips That Will Help You Save Energy (And Money)

In recent years, there has been an increased awareness of the importance of circularity in the context of more economical and healthier consumption habits. Experts have been warning for some time about the impact of a climate emergency linked to global warming in our near future, and it is essential to be aware of the problem and how each of us can contribute to ameliorating the situation.

After the pandemic, there was a change in mindset and the society started becoming more conscious about what it consumes. According to data from IKEA, 42% of people say they are more selective about what they buy and 25% have stopped buying luxuries or non-essential items for their lives.

Responsible energy consumption

In this sense, global energy consumption has increased significantly in recent decades. Excessive use of energy can have serious consequences for the environment and our wallets. With energy savings, we protect the environment, reduce costs in our home, and improve energy efficiency. And it is that, currently, the energy consumption of Spanish households accounts for about 20% of the total energy consumption, according to data obtained from the annual energy balance report up to 2020 of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings (IDAE).

For many households, energy is the main outlay and the increase in consumption this year compared to last year is particularly significant. By reducing energy consumption and encouraging more sustainable practices, we can save on our electricity bills while working together to create a cleaner future for all.

To achieve this, heed these tips:

  • Responsible lighting

    According to data provided by the Andalusian Council of Colleges of Industrial Technical Engineers, LED lights are characterized by high energy efficiency, consume 85% less energy than traditional bulbs and can last up to 20 years. And although these bulbs may cost more, in the long run they will save on your electricity bills because of their longer life. In addition, there are different colors and models so that decoration and savings are not incompatible. For example, in IKEA you can find various models such as Solhetta or Lunnom.

    But not everything depends on LED lights, you also have to plan the lighting points in your home in such a way that you can make the most of the natural light and don’t have to resort to artificial lighting.

    And if you want to go a step further, you can use wireless light regulators like TRÅDFRI or Smart Lighting Solutions, meaning you can connect them to your smartphone so you can control the light intensity at all times. activity we are doing.

Solhetta LED Bulb E27 470 Lumens, Opal White Globe Shape.

  • More than decoration

    Curtains or carpets have a deeper role than decorating. Although we cannot ignore its decorative utility and choose the models that best suit us to make our home more comfortable, they also play an essential role when it comes to maintaining the temperature inside the house. Are. And that is that both curtains and rugs help us prevent the heat of different rooms of our house from escaping through the windows or the floor. And here’s the advice, if we use thick fabrics in curtains and opaque blinds, we will be able to isolate the rooms better from the outside.

    And not just that, cushions and blankets are accessories that provide a greater feeling of warmth and help keep you warm. And if we use a warm quilt to sleep on we can limit the heating consumption, plus depending on the season of the year we can choose a cool one like SILVERTOP or a warm one like FJÄLLARNIKA.

Fjällarnika warm quilt, 150x200 cm.

FJÄLLARNIKA warm quilt, 150×200 cm.

  • Rechargeable battery as an option

    Today we are surrounded by electronic devices ranging from wireless keyboard or mouse to remote controls, scales, children’s toys, speakers or flashlights. It’s important to make sure we never run out of battery, especially since they’re usually the devices we use most often. Using rechargeable batteries can result in significant savings at the end of the month. Therefore, there is no better solution that helps us to be sustainable and at the same time allows us to promote the circular economy.

    With the STENKOL / LADDA rechargeable battery and charger you can save up to 360 Euro. In addition, the use of these rechargeable batteries will be equivalent to 1,880 disposable alkaline batteries ending their life cycle in the trash. With this, in addition to reducing waste, we achieve a more sustainable life in our home.

Stenkol / ladda battery charger +4 batteries

STENKOL / LADDA battery charger +4 batteries.

  • Small details in the kitchen

    One of the parts of the house where the most energy is consumed is the kitchen, in addition to home appliances such as the washing machine, refrigerator or dishwasher, we use energy when cooking or preserving food. For this reason, it is important to know all the tricks that can be useful to save energy, such as taking advantage of two oven trays to prepare several dishes when we are going to use it or knowing that the fire Using the size pot prevents the spread of heat.

    We share three tips that can reduce the cost of your bill:

  • Use a pressure cooker whenever you can, it allows you to cook in half the time, reducing energy expenditure.
  • Use only the amount of water needed to boil, if you use more, you will need more energy to bring it to a boil. And if you cover the pot, it will start boiling quickly.
  • Batch cooking allows you to organize meals for the entire week. Cook as much as you can in a day to save energy and use glass containers like IKEA 365+ or silicone lids like ÖVERMÄTT to improve food preservation. If you organize it well, you’ll reduce the amount of time you spend opening the fridge!

Övermätt food hood set of 3, silicone multicolour

ÖVERMÄTT Food Hood Set of 3, Silicone Multicolour.

IKEA’s commitment to sustainability can be found in the design of eco-friendly products, its more than 4,000 affordable products classified as sustainable, or through the use of certified sustainable raw materials and the promotion of purchasing services. circular hub. The knowledge gained after years of work and analysis of how people live in millions of homes allows them to offer simple and cost-effective solutions to propose a better, more sustainable and healthier day-to-day life at home.

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