4 who processed false documents for foreigners to pass them to Colombians

4 who processed false documents for foreigners to pass them to Colombians

The Dijin Police disclosed this Saturday that four men were arrested Barranquilla Field of the Cross because they allegedly charge money from Venezuelans and Dominicans to obtain Colombian identification that is not regular.

According to the Police, they charged about 4 thousand dollars for issuing false documents in Colombia.

According to the authorities, those arrested are said to be part of a transnational migrant smuggling organization.

“Those who were caught are them Juan Tomas Peña Pulido, Emidio Miguel Pérez Martínez, Alfonso Rafael Pacheco Bossio and Daniel Antonio Barrera Villawith irregular processing of documents from 2013 to 2022, confirming until now only for the year 2022 the registration of 23 migrant victims who make irregular trips through Colombia, charged up to $ 4,000 for of procedures and access to documents”Police detailed in a statement.

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According to Dijin, this organization allegedly used adulterated birth records so that the migrants were recognized by state administrative entities and establishments as Colombian citizens.

“The authorities’ alarms were activated when a woman with a Colombian identification wanted to leave on June 27, 2022 through the Ernesto Cortissoz Airport in Barranquilla, with a final destination in the United States, but she was required to units of the National Police and recognized as a citizen. from the Dominican Republic”disclosed by the armed institution.

Those arrested were presented to the competent authorities and a judgment to control the guarantee issued a measure of deprivation of liberty for two of those arrested in prison and two at home.

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The Prosecutor’s Office accused them of the crime of conspiracy to commit aggravated crimes to engage in migrant trafficking, where Daniel Antonio Barrera Villa and Alfonso Rafael Pacheco Bossio accepted the charge.

“The evidence shows that the documentation they obtained was used by migrants to travel the country, following unauthorized routes to the United States or travel to Spain as if they were Colombian citizens”shown by the Prosecutor’s Office.

In the course of the investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office also found that one of the arrested is Daniel Antonio Barrera, said to be the father of eight foreigners to facilitate the delivery of civil records.

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In the verifications it was found that he had that number of people in charge, without any real link.