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The Community Brigade for Health and Education (bricomiles) was born with the aim of fixing the infrastructure of educational establishments and health centers of the country. In Caracas, 720 health modules are addressed by this scheme that unites the institutional strength of the state, the Bolivian national armed forces and the power of the people.

For Luis Pajedes, president of Fundasalud, a government-affiliated body of the Capital District (GDC), and spokesman for Bricomiles Caracas, the passage of the Covid-19 pandemic and coercive measures against Venezuela by the United States government came down heavily on the government. Economic ability to provide immediate response, which led to a deterioration in the infrastructure of some health centers.

He recalled that, following the establishment of the Situational Room in Miraflores, as a result of the 1×10 system of good government, Bricomile was born to attend to the reports and events of every health committee in the country.

The city of Caracas is divided into 46 Community Comprehensive Health Areas (ASICs), which are represented in 17 hospitals, 39 comprehensive diagnostic centers (CDIs), 44 comprehensive rehabilitation rooms (SRIs) and 720 popular clinics, he explained.

“In just one month, 27 out of 53 reported octagonal modules have been recovered, 3 comprehensive rehabilitation rooms, 9 outpatient clinics, 1 in 2 CDIs have been reported; And one of the two hospitals reported. However, work is still active in various Asics in the city. Reported failures have been addressed,” the leader said.

The national government aims to rehabilitate the entire health sector by December 31. Starting with this objective, Bricomiles in Caracas has dedicated itself to attending to each and every health conditions. The most commonly reported problems include filtration, infrastructure, lighting, paint and landslides.

He explained that it is the Service Cabinet that carries out the action, and from the GDC it is linked to the People’s Power and ensures that the Bricomiles are compliant.

Entities such as the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Public Works, the Venezuelan Bella Mission, the Caracas Bella y Segura Plan and even the Hydrocapital have been added to this association. “It’s teamwork and a perfect union,” he insisted.

action in hospitals

Data provided by Pajedes indicate that in Caracas the Brikomiles took over the city’s hospitals, resulting in the restoration of the exterior, the construction of a perimeter wall, the rehabilitation of access walkways, the placement of light fixtures and the point of view. Asphaltization was done by hand. Circle at Miguel Pérez Carreo Hospital in El Paraíso Parish.

To the west of the city in Sucre Parish, the José Gregorio Hernández Hospital, then known as the Magallanes Hospital, opened the emergency room and resolved leaks, lighting and security issues, for which he collaborated with the official part of the Civil Defense. Worked.

In José Ignacio Baldo, doctor of the General Hospital, known as El Algodonal Hospital, located in Antimano Parish, faults in the white water pipe were resolved in conjunction with the hydrology of the Capital Region (Hydrocapital).

Also, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the operating room of the hospital center was re-established where interventions such as sterilization, inguinal and umbilical hernias, breast tumors and fibromatosis are currently being performed. “The number of cases treated every Sunday does not fall below 40. This is the miracle of Bricomile”, he said.

Work is also being carried out at Luis Razzetti Hospital, Francisco A. Riskez Hospital, Doctor Jess Yerena Hospital (Lidis), José María Vargas Hospital and Caracas Psychiatric Hospital, with days of greening areas, façade repairs, lighting and weeding being done. The technical part with work on the elevator.

46 comprehensive health zones will be reclaimed in Caracas - Nation World News
Hospitals such as Pérez Carreño and Algodonal have already been treated.


Pajedes said, “Bricomile is a success that is projected towards strengthening, they will be sustained as needs are met through them, and most amazingly, everything is solved by the community and the government. ”

For Lewis, the Bricomile is a heroic demonstration of what popular power can do when it is handed over to him. He describes the experience of making Bricomile as one of the best in his career as a public servant.

He said that whenever brigades come to the communities, people unite into a force and present their own equipment.


Under a year and a half management by Nahum Fernandez, the head of government of the capital district, the Fundasalud organization was created for employees, family members and retirees, which proposes to strengthen the national public health system as a mechanism . “This is not HCM or private insurance, this is a primary care program for workers,” said unit president Luis Pajedes.

Fundasalud provides medical services through the Comprehensive Medical Care Center and Primary Health Care Unit. These address general medicine, pediatrics, pharmacy, laboratory, electrocardiogram, nursing, blood pressure and nebulization. Also gynecology, dentistry, psychology, physiotherapy, mastology, general surgery, traumatology, internal medicine, comprehensive medicine, nutrition, ultrasound, psychiatry, gerontology and pneumonology.


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