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5 Ancient Technologies That Astonished Today’s Scientists: Okzone Techno

Jakarta – Throughout the history of civilization ManFound technology is on the rise. Some of them are very amazing and manage to amaze scientists even today.

So, what are some ancient techniques that have puzzled scientists today? Retrieved from the YouTube iNews Variety Show, Tuesday (26/7/2022), details below.

1. Damascus Sword

The Damascus sword is not as popular as the katana sword used by samurai. But the Damascus sword is the strongest and sharpest sword ever recorded in sword history.

The Damascus sword comes from the city of Damascus, the capital of Syria. The material of this sword is made of steel which is different from others, namely Damascus steel and other additional materials as well.

Damascus swords contain carbon nanotubes whose strength can exceed 30 times that of the strongest steel. The Damascus sword is so sharp and strong that it can cut iron.

2. Yakhchali

Yakhchal is a place that serves to accommodate all the food by using nature to keep it fresh. You can say that the Yakhchal is an ancient version of the refrigerator which has a conical shape.

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Yakhchal is found in mainland Iran. Inside there is a pool to store water mixed with lime sand and ash, the function of which is to make it waterproof so that the water does not easily mold.

3. Ancient Roman Concrete

The ancient Roman concrete structure at the Colosseum in Rome has actually succeeded in confusing modern scientists. Because concrete is timeless even for over 2000 years.

Research shows that the recipe for modern concrete is very different with that of ancient Roman concrete. Ancient Roman concrete was made from materials such as volcanic ash, lime water and mixed seawater.

This mixture is melted at a low temperature to reduce the carbon content in the cement. This recipe is what makes Roman cement last longer than modern buildings.

4. Yangtze River

The Yangtze River is a river basin where it is believed to have an amazing ancient technology. Archaeologists believe it to be one of the oldest water management projects in the world.

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The Yangtze River was created around 5000 years ago to reduce the risk of flooding for the people who lived here. The ancestors did something new by digging the land to build the dam.

He introduced a gating system that could control the water. The system they have created is spread over an area of ​​up to 10 hectares.

5. Iron Pillar of Delhi

The pillar stands in the courtyard of the Quwwatul Mosque in Delhi, India. This thing has been made from 1,500 years ago. This pillar is one of the most mysterious monuments because the iron itself is still very clean.

Even though the pillars are not polished, no rust is visible on them. Researchers call it because of the secret anti-corrosion substance which is still a mystery. The diameter of the pillar is 41cm and it is planted as deep as 93cm.

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