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5 differences between the cryptocurrencies of the real world and the cryptocurrencies of the metaverse

Las cryptocurrency who still walks in uncertainty metaverse They are already creating a new economy and tons of jobs.

many newborns may be thinking What are the differences between the standard cryptoverse and the metaverse?,

Although they share a philosophy, they are diametrically opposed. We tell you their main differences between them.

will be a hegemonic currency

in the metaverse, every Business, game or experience will sell their own token which can be bought with Euros and which will be used to make payments, level up in the game or even become an investor in a project start up,

One of them would undoubtedly dominate a large portion of the metaverse, especially when it sought to make the world accessible to all. the dilemma is It is not yet known which cryptocurrency will be the most popular, and therefore the most irresistible to invest in. Some experts echo the rumors saying that Meta will issue its own token.

We will probably see many well-known brands adapt to this world. However, unlike what we already know about bitcoin or ethereum, in the metaverse we won’t know what they are yet.

Investing in cryptocurrencies will be long

metaverse Will land completely in 2040According to recent research by scientists Lee Rainey and Jenna Anderson published in the media pew research,

The designs shaping the metaverse today would change radically in the decades to come. Like this, Many experts recommend investing for the long termSo that you can see the yield of each possibility as the metaverse evolves.

On the other hand, in the cryptosphere, Most assets in the crypto sector experience large fluctuations in their market value, Most of the popular tokens achieve success only a few months after their launch.

It can be said that there are many factors that dominate the circumstances of each investment; However, in general it is a very fast and fast route sector. Metaverse won’t be able to move as fast as it’s still under construction And it needs a huge technical infrastructure to support it.

You’ll use them to shop, not just to invest or earn points

is one of the main biases of the metaverse Replicate the daily life of people in the real world. You can go shopping, attend a class, make a doctor’s appointment, or make a reserve to buy a home.

And it will be possible to enjoy all this on a checkbook, but not with euros, but with cryptocurrencies. it is because of him, Users who do not have investment knowledge will also enter the market To be able to cover their acquisitions, while providing stability to the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, investors will have myriad options to fill their portfolios, speculate and make the most of the new virtual world.

use different techniques

The best apps from the metaverse can be viewed on virtual reality glasses like Oculus, but unfortunately they still can’t be fully used on mobile phones.

Although both use the network blockchain Uses a variety of techniques to operate user-level visualizations.

that’s because The Metaverse Needs a Big Tech Framework on the Web 3 To work, because both the graphics level and the encryption of the entire system require a lot of energy.

Conceptually, this technology is designed to immerse the user in a virtual world and Mobile’s small screen could never give such an experience,

However, and although they may not enjoy all the functionalities, investors will be able to transact with each other on mobile and computer through financial applications.

the metaverse is for everyone

Meta’s advertising for the Metaverse claimed that surgeons would be able to improve their skills by learning in the virtual world. This universe is intended for all audiences and with it, the entities that are part of it will be quite different from the entities that the platform lists today. exchange Binance.

For example, there will be a virtual park for children and entertainment activities for the youngest children.

In this context, it seems inevitable to think that, Some users who want to acquire cryptocurrencies lack the necessary knowledge to manage them As an investment, a trade can perform poorly.

Fortunately, experts point out that Public sector will completely enter this technology to regulate it.

According to a report by Accenture, “Government agencies will need to focus on privacy, flexibility, security and protection of intellectual property rights.he. For any organization, but especially for government agencies, metaverse experiences must also be inclusive, equitable, and accessible.”

For their part, governments are timidly trying to regulate standard cryptocurrencies, but their philosophies are fundamentally opposed to this. It is an extremely attractive sector to invest in, but it also carries huge risks.

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