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5 foods that will help you take care of your colon

The colon serves a highly relevant function in the digestive system. After food enters the small intestine, it It is concerned with digesting food and extracting vitamins and other nutrients. Next, it travels to the large intestine, known as the colon, where the food will be broken down.

as you can imagine, If the food we eat does not fall within the recommended range, In the end, it suffers and it is more difficult for him to carry out the ‘cleaning’ activity that he exercises in relation to it, in a certain way. Body, And what could happen in the medium and long term? That the colon suffers and manifests pathology and disease such as irritable bowel or a more serious diagnosis, such as colon cancer or Crohn’s disease.

Foods Beneficial for the Colon

In this post we want to talk about several Grains, Vegetables and Vegetables It is recommended to be included in the diet for optimal functioning of the large intestine. These Foods You can have them at any time of the day, as a snack, between meals, or at lunch and/or dinner.

Fruit Smoothie Cereal For The Colon

There is scientific evidence in this regard and it is important to keep this in mind. The Journal of Translational Medicine has published the findings of a study where it is detailed that the fact of wearing a A healthy and balanced diet is a key element so that the intestinal microbiota be desired And be very careful, which is in the context that it has a positive effect not only on the colon, on the digestive level, but also on the general health of people.

Oatmeal to Take Care of Your Colon

avena It is a very versatile grain, so it is easy to incorporate into the diet. It is one of the best whole grains to improve your intestinal health. The reason lies in its creation: it Meal It is rich in complex carbohydrates, fatty acids, vegetable proteins, minerals and vitamins. it’s all too much healthy body,

Oats can be taken in various ways and this is another point in its favor. It is another option in prepackaged vegetable oat drinks, oat milk, and as a whole grain, along with yogurt, in smoothies and in fruit bowls that are mixed with this and other cereals.

natural yogurt in diet

Nutrition professionals insist that plain yogurtIt is one of those essential foods for overall, good digestive health. That’s because we’re dealing with a probiotic food, a food that contains an infinite number of microbes that are beneficial to people. Improves the condition of diarrhea, constipation and excessive gas.

As we mentioned earlier, yogurt is another reference product because it is found in any supermarket and at affordable prices. You can mix it with fruits and cereals and you get a breakfast or snack rich in vitamins, nutrients and will facilitate intestinal transit.

apple for colon cleanse

Yes, fruits are always good in general. but if we also choose apple, among others, the result is much better. Red, green, yellow apples. Color doesn’t matter to the eye. is about a food It fights constipation and is rich in fiber, especially if we eat it raw, after washing the skin and cutting it. A very healthy pleasure!

Colon Healthy Arm With Apple

Along with apples, it is important to refer to other fruits which help in taking care of the colon and which should be included in your list of five pieces of fruits and vegetables daily. We refer to papaya, banana, watermelon, grapes, pineapple, mango, strawberry and raspberry, etc.

Green Tea, a drink to care for your rectum

An investigation carried out at the Ohio State University in the United States made it clear that green tea This is a highly recommended drink for us digestive Health, Through a study done with samples of people they came to the conclusion that it has a definite anti-inflammatory effect in the gut.

Green tea is rich in polyphenols and it is fermented Digestive System Thanks to the bacteria living in the digestive tract. This is what causes it to develop an antioxidant property that generates many benefits for the body with respect to the digestive system and on other levels.

Broccoli is one of the best vegetables for the colon

Broccoli highlights many aspects. qualities like him low calorie intake, Its nutrients and vitamins and how easy and healthy it is to consume are many of them. Let us add this important point: it is a vegetable is in favor of intestinal infectionAmong other things because of its high fiber and essential fatty acid content.

There is a report from Pennsylvania State University that refers to broccoli as a recommended food for gut health. Readers who want more information about it can get the study by clicking here.

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