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5 fruits not recommended in the diet for diabetics

Some fruits contain a lot of sugar when they have reached their highest level of ripeness. Hence, it is convenient to avoid them in a diabetic diet and replace them with low glycemic index alternatives.

5 Fruits Not Recommended In The Diet For Diabetics

Last Update: October 01, 2022

Fruits are essential foods in any healthy eating plan. However, there are some varieties that Best Avoided Within a Diabetes Diet, For what reason?

Although all provide important contributions of vitamins and minerals, A small portion has a high contribution of natural sugars and carbohydrates Which makes it difficult to control blood sugar. While occasional consumption of these usually does not cause major discomfort, it is best to try to replace them with other alternatives that offer benefits against diabetes.

fruits to avoid in diabetes diet

All patients with high blood sugar levels should change their eating habits as the main measure of treatment. Due to this, It is convenient to know the fruits not recommended in the diet of diabetics.

It’s true that every eating plan should have the support of a health professional. However, there are generalities that everyone can apply to help control the condition.

The issue of fruit consumption in patients with diabetes continues to generate controversy, While many may consider it harmless, others believe that even the sweetest can be harmful.

The truth of this is that it is advisable to choose those with a low glycemic contribution, that is, they contain less sugars and carbohydrates. Thus, by reducing the “weight” of the organism, Glucose is easy to restore to a stable level. Let’s look at the “forbidden” fruits below.

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1. Banana

Diabetics can eat bananas, but always in moderation and try not to overripe the fruit.

Banana is one of those fruits which should be taken in less or limited quantity in the diet of diabetics. Its glycemic index is higher than other fruitsAlthough not so much as to make the problem worse.

On the other hand, their sugar level varies according to the degree of maturity, so It is best to eat them when they are just starting to ripen. This is because starches turn into sugar when they ripen.

2. Mango

Like other fruits that are not recommended in diets for diabetics, mango Provides unnecessary sugar which makes the problem difficult to control, However, for these patients it can be taken from time to time without any problems.

Although it does not pose a risk in type 2 diabetes, It is better to avoid it in cases of gestational diabetes. Since this condition occurs only in the months of pregnancy, it is better to try not to consume it, being risky for the fetus.

3. Raisins

Opinion is divided on the consumption of raisins in diabetics. While some doctors suggest eliminating them completely from the diet, Others believe there is a lack of evidence to determine whether they actually cause any negative effects.,

In any case, the general recommendation is to limit your intake as much as possible, as they are a source of fructose and glucose. As many know, An excess of these substances can affect high blood sugar spikes.

4. Drink

Pineapple is one of the tropical fruits which acquires delicious sweet taste when it reaches the highest degree of maturity. While it contains many nutrients that benefit health, It is better to reduce its consumption When it comes to managing diabetes.

Since it has a high glycemic index, occasional servings should not exceed 100 grams. In fact, Ideally, this should be accompanied by a protein-rich food such as Greek yogurt. This type of dairy, among other things, is capable of improving muscle health. This is evidenced by a study published in Nutrients,

5. Cherry

It is not that cherries are harmful for diabetics. the problem is that They are usually sold in jars with syrup. Which, of course, represent a health risk.

Eating a small portion of natural cherries provides the body with nutrients and antioxidants. However, when consumed from the jar, Glucose rises and interferes with the control of diabetics.

Keep in mind that the antioxidants present in these fruits are capable of fighting the development of complex pathologies such as neurodegenerative.

Tips to eat fruits in diet for diabetics

Almost all fruits can be included in the diet of diabetics without any risk. The key so that they don’t stop being a healthy food is to mind the portions. And mix them with other low-glycemic ingredients.

It is better to consume fruits in the morning or afternoon and always take care of the portion.

How to eat fruits more safely? The subject may raise a little doubt. down for we collect some Recommendations so that they are not too afraid to eat.

  • It is better to eat fruits aloneIn the mid-morning or afternoon.
  • Buy small sized fruits.
  • avoid dried fruit or almibar,
  • If the fruits are canned, let them be in their own juice,
  • It is always better to eat a whole piece of fruit than juice. However, juice is better than any other soft drink.
  • Do not eliminate all fruits from the diet,
  • An easy way to measure portions is to place them no larger than the palm of your hand.

Remember that starting certain dietary protocols, such as intermittent fasting, improves glycemic control in diabetics, according to research published in. Nutrients, In any case, it should always be supervised by a professional.

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The right fruits for diabetics include

Due to their high glycemic index, some fruits should not be eaten very often in a diabetes diet. Despite this, Eating them occasionally isn’t usually a problem, It’s best to try to choose ones that benefit glucose control.

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