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5 Morning Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight From The Moment You Wake Up (Almost Without Knowing It)

Whether it’s for better health or to look better, losing weight is a common goal, and sometimes it can seem impossible. Whatever the goal, sometimes losing even a few kilos can be quite an odyssey. But the truth is that shedding a few kilos doesn’t have to mean drastic changes in diet and lifestyle.

There are a few small changes we can implement early in the morning to help us lose weight, and most importantly: keep it off. Incorporating healthy treats at the start of the day can help us start off on the right foot.

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We are listing down 5 simple morning habits that you incorporate first thing in the day that will be your biggest ally in your efforts to lose weight.

1. Breakfast, Rich in Protein

Various studies have shown that a protein-rich breakfast can help you lose weight as it helps reduce cravings, hunger, and the secretion of ghrelin.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because what we eat for breakfast can define how the rest of the day goes. In addition, including protein can also help us lose weight by reducing the levels of ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’ that is responsible for increasing appetite.

Food options that are considered sources of protein and can be included in breakfast are eggs, skyr, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, turkey, nuts, or chia seeds.

2. Get Some Sunlight

Spending a few more minutes outside each morning can help us lose weight. In fact, there are several studies that conclude that exposure to morning sunlight affects body fat as well as levels of appetite-regulating hormones.

Exposure to sunlight is also one of the best ways to meet your vitamin D needs, which has also been shown to help you lose weight and even prevent weight gain.

The amount of time needed to be in the sun can vary depending on skin type, season of the year, and location. In general, getting some sunlight or sitting outside for 10 to 15 minutes each morning can have a beneficial effect on weight loss.

3. Exercise

Getting some type of physical activity first in the day can help with weight loss because it has been shown to be associated with higher levels of satiety.

Exercising in the morning can also help keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. Low blood sugar can cause a number of negative symptoms, including extreme hunger.

An easy way to avoid the sun and get exercise is to walk to work.

4. Drink lots of water

Starting your morning with a glass or two of water is an easy way to promote weight loss because it can help increase energy expenditure, or the number of calories your body burns, for at least 60 minutes. Is.

Starting your morning with water and staying well hydrated throughout the day is a great way to lose weight with minimal effort.

Also, drinking water may reduce appetite and food intake in some people. In fact, most studies on the subject have shown that drinking 1-2 liters of water per day can help you lose weight.

5. Weigh Yourself

Getting up to scale each morning can be an effective way to increase motivation and improve self-control. Several studies have linked daily weighing to increased weight loss.

Weighing yourself every morning can also help encourage healthy habits and behaviors that can promote weight loss. Also, in research done, people who stopped weighing themselves frequently were more likely to overeat and lack self-discipline.

For best results, weigh yourself when you wake up, after using the bathroom, and before eating or drinking.

Of course, weight can fluctuate from one day to the next and can be changed by a variety of factors. The important thing is to focus on the big picture and see overall weight loss trends rather than focusing on small daily changes.

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