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5 most important things to maintain good mental health

psychological health It is not something static, but something that changes and evolves day by day. If you neglect your psychological well-being, your vulnerability increases when you find yourself in a world without protective factors.

If you want to maintain at least a minimum of psychological well-being, it is important that you consistently work on the following 5 points:

do enjoyable activities

what kind of things do you like to do? For example: you may like music, art, gastronomy, travel, technology, nature … depending on what you like, it is important that you do it again and again. Activities Related to that topic in your day to day.

For example: going to a museum, a concert, pottery classes, exhibitions, or hiking trails. Ask yourself: When was the last time you allowed yourself to do an activity that was really enjoyable for you? If this is something you do often, congratulations! if you’re on autopilot and you free time You devote it to things that neither come nor belong to you, or the word “vacation” sounds sugar to you because you don’t have any, then it’s time to consider a change.

develop a support network

all people need is a circle support people, That circle may be two people or twenty, he is indifferent. The important thing is that you have that hoop.

People who listen to you, who are and who you can listen to and be there for. Think about what you actively do to develop it circle And if you don’t have it, what can you do?

For example: and do enjoyable activities In a group to meet people who share the same taste as you or invite people you know but whom you have ignored or taken for granted for a long time.

attend to your needs and feelings

Something fundamental in psychological well-being is knowing what our identity needs and feelings And allow us to satisfy them. To do this, reserve time for yourself and learn to express your needs and feelings.

For example: If you want your partner to be more detailed with you, instead of waiting for you to come out alone one day (it won’t happen) or have telepathy with you (it won’t happen either), make things a little your own. Easy with a partner. communication: “I loved it when you gave me flowers, I wish you would not stop doing that.”

take care of your personal relationships

In line with the last two points, it is very important that we also take care of ourselves in our relationships with others. For example: keep limits It is something fundamental and every time we do it we are giving ourselves a little bit of love and value.

if something upset Or if you want to change something, express yourself, set your limits, make proposals and reach agreements. It is also important that if you set a boundary and want others to respect that boundary, then be Self The first person who cares. For example: If you’ve said you can’t be late today, stick to it, don’t expect others to say “Come on, you can go now”.

Keep a routine in line with your goals

What do you do in your day to day? And why do you do all this? to what end? It is very important that your activities have a cause and align with one Target your personal.

If those goals don’t motivate you, then what needs to change are your goals. For example: Waking up early to go to work can be very enriching if you feel that you are going to work in a place where you can grow as per your choice.

However, if you wake up early to go to work because you get paid, you may need to change your goals and look for another type of job that generates income for you. Illusion in the short, medium and long term.

take care of your body

body and mind They walk hand in hand. It’s useless to take care of one if I’m going to completely ignore the other. Therefore, within the purview of emotional and psychological care is also physical care.

To take care of your body it is important to avoid toxic substance (tobacco, alcohol, drugs…), because every time you consume toxic substances you are undermining yourself. If you were under someone’s supervision, would you not give those substances? So why do you give them to yourself?

it is also important to have active body And have a routine that includes sports. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an impact sport or one where you burn a lot of calories, of course not. It’s about having a moment where you can move your body and connect with it, even if it’s just for a little while.

it is important that game the one you like. Eating healthy is also important, regardless of diet, just maintaining a steady and healthy eating routine.

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