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5 most viral Christmas videos of recent years

Christmas Videos
Viral videos can’t disappear on Christmas. Photo: Getty Images/Illustrative.

it is to come, which is for many Christmas is the best time of the yearThat’s why December, the last month of the year is synonymous with parties, gifts and food, This is the time to plant trees, give birth, prepare punch or buy related gifts for the family.

but it is also the place where they can’t miss videos, A month in which memorable moments are captured that are etched in family memories, thanks to the internet and internet users who go viral every second shared online. because you asked for it, here they go 5 Viral Christmas Videos,

5 Viral Christmas Videos

“And the f$%&/& you gave it to me?”

The count down begins with a classic from the network. Although it has been more than 5 years since it was shared on the internet, A mother’s reaction after being hit by her son takes the cake. The video shows how a mother is “holding up” two cupboard doors that open upwards with a stick, while the teen is adjusting some shells.

,They’re about to fall!”, the mother points to the sphere to her son; It happens when the inevitable happens, lady.”to escapeThe door, which hits the head of the teenager, who also drops the shells.

  • “What did I tell you? I’m telling you, they’re going to fall, that’s because they’re going to fall!”
  • “And the p%$## you gave me?”

when you wait for the iphone and it lasts for 5 seconds

Presents can’t disappear on Christmas, But imagine receiving that “promised gift” and that illusion only lasts for a few seconds. That’s what happened to another teen who got an iPhone for Christmas; There was a flood of happiness on the face, but a woman with a smartphone in her hand, He’ll be familiar to her, try to hug her And at the same time he hits the cell phone with his hand, which is going to the ground.

when they bring coal to a sonora child

Continued with gifts, response to A child receiving coal on Christmas has gone viral, The minor was recorded when he came to open the presents he received from Santa Claus after his aunt told him what his present was.

Tearing the paper bag, he sees that it is full of coal. Unperturbed, when asked what he was going to do, the boy calmly replied,Roast Beef It’s a good thing Santa brought me that, isn’t he?,

Grinch better than Jim Carrey

If it’s for better performance, then Likes He was taken in by a young man identified as Victor Ramirez, who at this time of year takes the opportunity to portray himself as the Grinch and his “best moment, This was his dialogue with a child when he asks for a picture.

,Stop bugging me, you’ve been ch%$#& and ch%$#& for a while now!”, answers the young man, who likes the character film, aborted by jim carrey, is with a dog. In the comments on the video, which has been viewed millions of times, users highlighted that Victor got into his role.

a gift they didn’t get in childhood

To conclude with a climax, the emotional moments are also among the most remembered. This was mirrored by the person who was recorded when he opened a gift, the interior of which contained a figure. Optimus Prime, from the animated series “The Transformers”,

According to the video, as a kid, his parents couldn’t buy him that special toy, and after 30 years he got it, so he couldn’t hold back his tears. ,it’s never too late to get what you want”, reads the publication.

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