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5 Neurological Sequels That Can Cause Lupus

It should be clear that these sequelae do not occur in all cases of lupus.

Manifestation of lupus on the patient’s face. Photo: Shutterstock.

a type of tree is an immune system disorder that affects the joints, skin, kidneys, blood, and other parts of the body, as the immune system produces antibodies that attack its own tissues.

a type of tree It is a very poorly understood condition, as it affects a large number of organs, which is why it is confused with malignancy, cancer, and other pathologies, as it occurs in the skin, in the joints of the joints, appears in the conjunction. tissue, among others, as indicated by Dr. Oscar Soto Rice, rheumatologist and president of the FER Foundation.

Who said that diagnosis is usually quite complex, as it is not always present in the same way in all patients.

“A patient may have swelling around the heart, swelling around the lungs, or swelling around the kidneys. In addition, they may have muscle problems, so the diversity of symptoms is fairly non-specific and occurs in a variety of people. ,” explained the expert.

On the other hand, in a cited article in the Journal of Arthritis and Rheumatology, he points out that over the years, various investigations have been conducted which have proved that a type of tree Presents neurological consequences Which significantly reduces the quality of life of the patients. However, it should be clear that these sequels do not happen in all cases. a type of tree,

Here are the five most important neurological consequences of a type of tree,

multiple sclerosis

The proper term in these patients is lupoid sclerosis. Characteristic antibodies can react against myelin, an insulating layer that surrounds a large number of nerves and which allows the proper transmission of nerve impulses.

This sequence can lead to expression in a large number of organs and systems, as all tissues are affected by the nervous system. These include sensory or gait disturbances, as well as more specific symptoms such as visual disturbances.


This sequence or neurological manifestation can occur at any location, and there are several theories that explain its origin. The most commonly supported is cerebral venous thrombosis, which refers to blockage of some venous area as a result of hematological changes in these patients.

Antiphospholipid syndrome is a condition that contributes to these inhibitions. It is characterized by an inflammatory response against molecules called phospholipids, which are very abundant in cell membranes.

In this condition, the antibodies cause inflammatory chain reactions in the wall of blood vessels, leading to the accumulation of these molecules and, over a long period of time, blockage of vascular flow.

In other cases, the headache is mediated by massive lesions within the brain tissue. Among them, primary lymphoma of the central nervous system and tuberculous meningitis.


It is not known exactly whether patients have seizures. a type of tree They are related to the direct involvement of nervous tissue or the result of the common proinflammatory condition that characterizes the disease.

In these cases, generalized tonic-clonic seizures are most striking. It is characterized by a phase of very pronounced body stiffness, followed by a phase of sudden and uncontrolled muscle movements. By definition, patients lose postural control and consciousness.

depression and anxiety

Neuropsychiatric disorders are common in patients with chronic diseases and are usually managed in a multidisciplinary manner. Advanced age, low socioeconomic status and a positive family history are risk factors for developing these conditions.

cerebrovascular accident

The mechanism that causes stroke in these patients is the same as described above for headache: cerebral venous thrombosis.

If the blockage persists for a long period of time, decreased blood supply to a certain area of ​​the brain can lead to cell death, and with it a range of neurological manifestations depending on the area affected.

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