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5 predictions of Baba Vanga that keep the whole world in suspense: two have already been fulfilled

wise seers of the Balkans, my father, a series of esoteric prophecies about the future of the world were made before he died, many of which were fulfilled one after the other as time passed. forecast of blind seer’s reach year 5079 And the surprising thing is that During 2022, two of his predictions have already been fulfilledlinked to environmental problems that rock the world: floods in Australia and droughts in Great Britain.

Although he passed away in 1996, Baba Vanga’s legacy lives on through the creation of dramatic prophecies that continue to this day. Six months earlier, at the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the seer went viral as a result of his prediction that Vladimir Putin would become “king of the world” after invading a country in Europe. He was attributed many successes in the past, from Lady Di’s Death for the presidency of Barack ObamaFor which the world is extremely attentive to the forecasts that the seer anticipated for the year 2022.

Jimena La Torre Predictions for Argentina and for “Dual” Sergio Massa

2 prophecies fulfilled

the woman claimed heavy flood This year will affect various Asian and Australian regionswhich coincides with the events ending on the east coast of the Australian territory affected by torrential rains and floods.

Baba Vaenga’s second prediction for 2022 is related to the lack of rain lack of drinking waterBecause Great Britain has recently declared drought in the country.

Indeed, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has announced that England will go to the most affected areas of the South West, South and Central and parts of the East. dry conditionsas reported Mirror,

In this delicate scenario, the Environment Agency, along with water companies, hopes to implement programs to manage the impact of low water levels.

Other countries affected by drought are: Italy and Portugal, are facing the effects of this event and have already launched a series of initiatives: for example, their residents must conserve water supplies. Sun.

Four shocking predictions written by Nostradamus for the year 2022

Remaining 3 Predictions for 2022

place apostrophe Details of the remaining predictions of the Bulgarian seer for 2022:

1. Woman a. predicted disruption of Deadly virus in SiberiaA highly sensitive forecast following the (incomplete) coronavirus pandemic. According to Baba Vanga, a group of researchers will discover a deadly virus in Siberia that was “frozen” until now. Among other reasons, the devastating effects of global warming are mentioned, which will create conditions The virus leaves and the situation becomes chaotic, The seer prophesied, “Even those who survive (natural calamities) will die of a terrible disease.”

2. A plague of locusts, according to Baba Vanga, will strike India, The seer’s prophecy is fulfilled with a shocking picture that includes temperature above 50 °C, This will cause locusts to attack crops and agricultural fields, causing a Unprecedented famine in the region,

3. The virtual reality Will kill the person by bowing down. According to a woman able to see the future, this year humanity will spend more time “in front of the screen” than ever before. technological advancement, with special emphasis on artificial intelligenceMay be against human beings, if there is no moral responsibility in its use.

Who was Baba Vanga?

Followers of the esoteric seer, as well as those who closely examine her prophecies, believe that the woman possessed the ability Communicate with the dead and “get” about the global future, According to him, Nostradamus of the Balkans knew the fate of the people and the course of events through contact with spirits.

When the seer was a girl of only 12 years, it is said that an incident Changed his life forever: a tornado lifted him into the air, threw her 400 meters away, where she was found after a long search. they found him with eyes covered with sand and dust, so much so that since then he has not been able to open them because of the pain that caused him. That’s how Baba Vanga was Blind, but his ability to “see” the future mysteriously deepened.

As he did not record his predictions in writing, his foresight was transmitted by word of mouth and with his successes his reputation as a seer grew: in 1939 he foretold the beginning and the end. second World War, In 1979 he projected the dissolution of the Soviet Union; And its forecasts for 2018 established China as a world power.

However, the most surprising prediction was the one he made in 1989, when Dramatic attack on Twin Towers announced: “Two metal birds will collide with American brethren, wolves will roar from the bushes and the blood of innocents will flow from the rivers”, he foretold my father


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