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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using A Residential Proxy Service For Your Business

In today’s internet age, masking your IP address can be useful in different situations. For example, when you need to access blocked content or bypass anti-bot systems that search engines and other online services have implemented. One way to achieve these goals is by employing residential proxy services, IP addresses assigned to homeowners by the ISP. Unlike other proxies, residential proxy addresses are flagged in regional internet registries as all their requests are indistinguishable from those of regular users. And search engines never block real users.

That said, there are a few reasons why a business needs a proxy. Data from Distil Network, which serves as a bot-fighting company, indicates that humans don’t generate over 40% of internet traffic. That percentage belongs to bots, and not all of them are good. As of 2017, 21.8% of the bots were considered bad and site owners work hard to block them. If you are a company trying to gather information that would give you an edge in your niche, you might find it difficult since most sites/companies will block such searches assuming it’s bots. And this is where owning a proxy residential IP can aid your business.

Let us explore five reasons why you should consider a residential proxy.

Access And Gather Real Information From Competitors’ Websites

Gathering competitive intelligence is one of the businesses’ common uses of residential proxy. This isn’t possible with the likes of data center proxies that can be easily tracked and blocked. Today, popular online services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and many others have no issue blocking entire IP address ranges belonging to certain providers.

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Therefore, using a residential proxy makes your request look like it’s coming from a real person. And if you need to send many requests, residential proxies will allow you to send them from different IP addresses from any country and city and local ISPs.

Content Aggregation

In this age of big data, residential proxies have proved crucial for businesses to aggregate information from different sources before displaying it on their platforms. Residential proxies have helped them maintain the databases of the aggregated content. Without such tools, it would be impossible to keep the data on, for example, the price of particular products on different e-commerce websites up to date.

Protecting Your Brand

Residential proxies are also crucial in protecting your brand and fighting counterfeiters. For example, if you have a given product, you might want to fight sellers of a fake version. In most cases, these counterfeiters will restrict access to their website from countries where the real manufacturers of your product are based. And this will make it harder to identify and use legal action against them. However, using a residential proxy, you can get an IP address from the same location the counterfeit website resides and gather all the necessary data.

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Optimize Your Marketing And Advertising

When running marketing campaigns, it’s crucial to test and see how they look from the target customer’s perspective. This means checking out search results for users from a specific location to see if they are visible or not. Residential proxies can help you achieve this goal. Also, they can help you assess the effectiveness of local search engine optimization efforts. For example, if your website ranks high for targeted search queries or not and how the ranking changes over time.

Test Your Software And Monitor Performance

You can also employ the services of residential proxies to test new features for websites and mobile apps. This allows developers to see how their software serves users based in different locations worldwide. Also, sending many requests using multiple residential IP addresses can prove helpful in testing the behavior of the software in a case of high load. Additionally, the technology is useful for performance monitoring, for example, when you want to determine how fast your website is for users in a particular region.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to consider using a residential IP address for your business. Since search engines are designed not to deny access to real users, you get to collect data, carry out tests, access different web resources, and so on, which are beneficial to your business.

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