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5 secrets about dill, the spice that fills your forest dishes

heart This is one of the more special fresh herbs, as not everyone likes it. it is powerful Anise flavor, sweet and slightly spicy touch, with grass and licorice At the same time, it falls in love with many palates, and causes disapproval for others. Not only this: Coriander also distributes the eater.

do you want to know where it comes from, what are Secret properties of dill And which famous dishes usually use this spice as a condiment? If so, read on, and you’ll learn more about this herb with its delicate, feathery, green leaves.

A long historical trajectory, from the Egyptians to Charlemagne

heart (anethum graveolens) Celery is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae.

Dill is closely related to parsley and is native to the eastern Mediterranean, western Africa, and southern Russia. is one Herbs that have been used for millennia Because of its culinary and medicinal properties.

3,000 years before Christ, Babylonia was the pioneer of its cultivation in courtyards and gardens.

It is mentioned in both the Bible and ancient Egyptian writings.Considered a sign of wealth in ancient Greek and Roman cultures—Hippocrates himself wiped his mouth with it—soldiers used dill to heal burns and charlemagne himself Keep at their banquet table A favor to the digestion of your guests.

the meaning of your name Falls asleep

Name of heart comes from the Old Norse word Dilla, Which means “to numb”. this name shows Traditional uses of dill as a stomachic carminative and to relieve insomnia.

Interestingly, he has also got several nicknames. since Gastronomy & Company pick something up, Stinking or stinking anise, anteto, false anise or anteverone. Many are due to the fact that their aroma is related to anise and anise.

dill flavor It is similar to caraway, although not as pronounced. Its leaves are fresher and softer than the grains, although both are used in the kitchen.

a radiant and feathery plant

Dill grows 40 to 60 cm tall and has slender, hollow stems. Most attractive are its leaves, feather-like, alternate, finely divided and very delicate., They are slightly wider and harder than fennel.

The flowers are white to yellow, in small umbels 2 to 9 cm in diameter. Its tiny seeds can be straight or slightly curved, they are about 5 millimeters long and one millimeter thick, and they stand out for having an entirely grooved surface.

industry also removes dill seed essential oilThe purpose of which is both to flavor food and to scent soap or to mix medicines.

It is good for breath, bones, depression or digestion

Dill offers many health benefits: Several studies have shown that it can be used to control type 2 diabetes as well as prevent its development. The fresh herb is also great for improving heart health, as its flavonoid substances reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Other animal studies suggest Dill may also lower LDL cholesterol levels., or bad cholesterol. On a nutritional level, dill is also a good source of B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese. In addition, it provides valuable dietary fiber.

Dill, on the other hand, improves breathing, stops hiccups, has antidepressant properties, relieves insomnia, combats menstrual pain, improves respiratory disorders, prevents bone erosion, has antibacterial It has medicinal properties and is an excellent digestive agent, which fights against problems like gas, diarrhea. or swelling.

Christmas markets and the smell of Scandinavian cuisine

Dill has a special presence in various cuisines. Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Russian Federation. You will find it eaten in many cuisines from Germany and the Nordic countries, but also in Indian, Thai or Iranian cuisine.

It has a prominent presence in dishes such as canned cucumber and cucumber – as they round out and sweeten its flavor – canned herring and dishes such as marinated salmon.

Fresh dill leaves are also used in salads, dishes with seafood and fish, in sauces with yogurt or mayonnaise. there is also one Ideal seasoning for stuffed meat, potatoes, stew or soup.

dishes with dill

if you are looking recipes with dillDon’t miss the following offers.

If you want a special olive oil to season your preparations with the intense aroma of dill, all you need to do is infuse fresh dill at room temperature and let it rest for a few days. The same happens with vinegar, with which you can get a more original salad.

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