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5 Stretching exercises for pain from menstrual cramps

Many women from time to time suffer from spasmodic menstrual pain, some intolerable to the organism. Of the places in which it is greatest discomfort in the stomach or in the loins also, this mode, there are inflammations and changes stretching exercises to help, to relieve

Late studies, that More than half of women suffer pains monthly. In fact, figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) state affects at least 190 million women and girls of reproductive age worldwide; This gynecological condition reduces the quality of life of the patients, because the magnitude of the pain makes it difficult to exercise normally.

Many women who suffer from it take domestic pills or remedies, which are usually the intake of hot drinks, natural medicinal herbs, but there are others to control the pain. Rest and rest help in the first days of the cycle, however, to endure discomfort; Various studies have shown that physical activity is the best analgesic to combat discomfort.

Does exercising relieve menstrual cramps?

The discomfort that is generated during the menstrual period puts many women in a depressed mood and has little energy to move. Abdominal discomfort which is the most frequent. But according to experts, performing certain exercises will help reduce or disappear the pain intensively, because when you move, muscles relax, improve circulation and inflammatory processes.

On the other hand, the brain produces endorphins, a hormone that relieves pain, relaxes tissues and generates well-being. According to some researchers, menstrual pain tends to be stronger if you have lethargy and an irregular diet.

Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences, specialized in sport, physical education and health sciences, published investigations into the efficacy of God exercises active extension in women with symptoms of dysmenorrhea. There they studied 33 women, who were randomly distributed into three equal groups, where group A was visited under an active extension program; he group B the same physical activity program but without supervision and group C, which had no interventiongiven the ability to act without supervision.

Group A, which followed a professional program, together with group B, which also followed an unfamiliar stretching exercise, had significant pain, but the first group showed a significant drop in these discomforts. Group C, which had no monitoring or exercise, did not show significant progress in pain reduction.

The conclusions show the evidence that the practice of actively promoting stretching or lengthening exercises, either under care or under another program, may be options for premenstrual pain relief. and a safe non-pharmacological alternative for the management of primary dysmenorrhea.

Exercises menstrual pain

The pains of the period are short, but sometimes they become unbearable for many women. According to scientific research, doing certain exercises will help with their relief. Next, we explain 5 exercises that you can do.

1. Fetal position

If the discomfort is very intense and does not allow you to sleep well, this position is very simple and can help you reduce menstrual cramps. You just need to sleep with it the knees close to the chest contain the regenerating fetus. Women who have experienced this practice have shown that it is useful because you will reduce the pressure of the stomach and to that extent it favors relaxation. Some even reduced blood.

2. Mariposa

It is one of the easiest and most comfortable exercises or habits to do. Just bend your legs and stand slightly to your sides. You will see a feeling of release in the thighextending Hold on to that position for a while and repeat.

3. knee bending

You must have done the exercise. Knee bending, lowering, lifting. But to move the belly; to promote circulationtry, as each one rises and falls, he turns the log itself in one direction.

4. There are legs

If the pain is severe, try this easy-to-do state. To do this, lie on the ground and raise your legs supporting them on the surface, as on the wall and at the time of the abdomen. You have just been helped better circulation and therefore reduce the pain of the ovaries in the area.

5. Asanas

Finally, one of the easiest positions to do. You can also carry it lying on the bed or in bed. You just lay there looking up with your legs folded to your chest. You can help yourself with your own hands. In case of gas accumulation or constipation, this position helps better digestion and aerophagia.

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