5 tips to change the intimacy with your partner

5 tips to change the intimacy with your partner

Over time, it is common for intimacy with your partner reduced or difficult to find opportunities to enjoy it, however, this does not mean that the relationship doomed to failure, especially since you have to give up complacency all together. We give you some tips on change in intimacy.

Enjoy the intimacy as a couple This is one of the most important aspects of a relationship because it promotes unity and togetherness, in addition to happiness, but if neglected, it can lead to a lack of emotional unity and frequent arguments.

Las intimate relationship They are more than just physical pleasure, the Mejor con Salud portal details that it needs space for connection, exchange and mutual dedication where if they experience satisfaction, they will also get the benefits of health and self-confidence.

As change in intimacy with your partner?

There is no magic solution for change in intimacy with your COUPLES because the reasons for moving away from this aspect vary in a relationship, but some steps that can help you include:

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They don’t know what’s stopping them from having privacy If not talk about it, so talk to your COUPLES and express what you like and what you want to experience together. If you don’t dare to say it in words, you can make your wishes known by taking the initiative for a meeting or sharing your fantasies.

reminder of your COUPLES how much you like and how much you like to be with privacy because receiving such stimuli rekindles the spark.

The intimate routine is common to COUPLES, which leads to monotony and even boredom. Avoid your meetings always having the same dynamic or being predictable, you can give it a different touch just by changing the place where they do it or in a new posture.

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The important thing is to have the initiative to propose something different so that the experience is exciting for both of you and not just a requirement that you have to fulfill.

If they have been together for a long time, the DESIRE It doesn’t come up as fast as it did at the beginning of the relationship, so you need to take your time with it. Do not suggest having privacy If they are tired from work or in a hurry, that will only make the situation worse.

Spend time alone to enjoy each other calmly, talk about what you want and how you feel, this will make the desire to arise more organically and the encounters will be more intense and satisfying.

One of the best ways to the routine is broken on privacy with COUPLES is to establish an appointment to enjoy the meeting. You can plan an intimate date every week and let one of you plan everything so that the other gets the surprise and then you exchange.

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On a date you can role play, include massages and scented candles or act out a scene or character from a romantic movie, series or book.

Something as simple as sharing a bath or shower together can do develop intimacy because it is a very special moment as a couple where you can explore and feel very close. This is the perfect place to enjoy caresses, kisses and a romantic atmosphere that can be enhanced with calm music and even candles.

prepare for change in intimacy with your partner and enjoy a unique connection with your loved one.