5 Trends To Extend Your Summer Vibes

Because summer is a state of mind.

The last days of summer may well be upon us, but that warm-weather feeling doesn’t have to disappear.

We’re holding on to that summer state of mind – think relaxed evenings with friends, a minimal approach to our beauty, and clothes that remind us of playful moments in the sun – for as long as we possibly can.

These are the trends we’re embracing right now to keep those chill summer vibes hanging around (even when it may be getting a little chilly outside).

It’s all about “skinimalism”

When we think ‘perfect summer skin’, we think an effortless glow and barely-there coverage. Lucky for us, this minimal approach to beauty is a trend that’s here to stay for all seasons.

Dubbed ‘skinimalism’, it’s all about simplifying our skincare and beauty routines and embracing the skin you’re in. A true ‘less is more’ approach to products, there is an increased focus on finding what works for you, not piling on the treatments and being kinder to our skin.

Identifying what your skin needs to stay healthy – is it lacking hydration? Is there a bit of an oil overload? – means radiant skin reminiscent of long summer days is possible all year round.

Dress like you’re on permanent vacation

We may be right back into the swing of things when it comes to work (with many of us still living our best WFH lives), but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend a holiday is only just around the corner.

In keeping with the playful spirit warmer weather tends to bring, we’re wearing mood-enhancing styles – like the fruity florals, palm prints and textured gingham found in Seafolly’s latest collection.

Mixing classic Euro Summer style (because who wouldn’t love an overseas escape right about now?) with grounded, earthy tones, the ‘Life Is Beautiful’ collection is a celebration of that summer holiday nostalgia.

The perfect match to glowing, sun-kissed skin? Shiny, glossy hair.

Just like the focus on what skincare works best for our skin, the glossy hair trend is about increasing the health and happiness of our tresses. Think at-home deep moisturizing treatments, or salt-scrubs for a squeaky-clean scalp and anti-frizz serums to seal in the moisture all day long for those perfect liquid locks.

Our sense of smell is intrinsically linked to memory, so conjure up that familiar summer feeling with fragrances that remind you of the season.

Lucky for us, fresh and airy scents are back in a big way in 2022 – and pair perfectly with that urge to hold on to summer.

Think fragrances with clean and airy notes, like lily of the valley, which is at once sweet and dewy, or the fresh, but spicy, citrus-y notes of bergamot. And it’s not just limited to body spritzes – fill your home with tropical and summery scents for an instant holiday vibe (we love this Jasmine and Mandarin diffuser and candle set from Seafolly.

How we style ourselves can certainly bring that summer feeling, but how we style our spaces can also help. Houseplants have quickly become an interior design staple, but for a home that really screams ‘it’s summer in here even if it’s raining out there’ it’s all about which plants you choose.

Satisfy your cravings for a tropical escape with trending palms (we love the Kentia, Parlor or Golden Cane varieties) or a Bird of Paradise plant if you’re feeling a little more colourful.

Not only will your home ooze those resort vibes, but indoor plants are proven to reduce stress levels and improve air quality, for a home that’s a true reflection of relaxed summer vibes.


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