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5 video game open-worlds we’d love to live in (and 5 to avoid at all costs)

Video games portray a vast open world where the player can get lost for hours on end. There are times when the video game world feels almost real, close to the point of simulation, before the player ruthlessly returns to reality.

These worlds are richly decorated with details and embellishments that make them seem almost real and worth living in. Whether it’s a fantasy world full of new sentient species or magical creatures, or a technologically advanced society set in the future, video games have a diverse amount of open worlds to choose from.

While many of these worlds are lush and rich with life, there are also worlds where existing would mean a terrifying ordeal. Due to an impending predicted disaster or a zombie outbreak, these worlds will be the worst places to call home. As such, here are five video game open-worlds that would be a great place to live, plus five more that should be avoided.

Note: This article reflects the views of the author.

5 open-world video games that would be too cool to call home

1. The Elder Scrolls Online


All Elder Scrolls video game stories take place in the fictional world of Niran on the continent of Tamriel, which is made up of different nations. While disaster is featured in various games such as Morovinf, Oblivion, and Skyrim, the Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG takes place in multiple locations.

While the video game world may be the subject of numerous civil wars, occasional dragon attacks, and recurring invasions by demonic entities, it still has much to offer. As one of the most stable worlds in video game high fantasy, Tamriel offers a wide variety of scenes to call home.

For those who enjoy a cooler climate, Skyrim Nation may prove to be suitable, while those seeking a more tropical environment may head to Syrodil. An island vacation awaits in the Somerset Islands, or the Sistress Islands. Morrowind and Hammerfall are an option for those who prefer a dry climate.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2


While set in a fictional world, Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t differ much from real-world history. Set during the late 19th century, this video game world is a re-imagining of the Wild West of the United States, with the fictional states of West Elizabeth, Ambarino, New Hanover, Lemoyne, New Austin and Guarma.

Cowboys and gunslingers abound in this video game world, with almost every other person having a firearm for self-defense. This makes it the perfect world for anyone who wants to live as an outlaw, or try their luck at being a gunman, or simply to live a peaceful life in the great outdoors.

At a time when technology is nowhere to be seen and learning to ride a horse is an important skill, those looking to break away from the hustle and bustle of modern life will find this a great change in the pace of the world. Of course, if a strange group of men comes into town, one of whom is talking about mango and Tahiti, it would be wise to clear the premises as quickly as possible.

3. Star Wars: The Old Republic


star wars There is a world in which everyone wants to live. Sensitive to the Force and likely to become a light saber driving the Jedi and Sith, seen in the Milky Way star wars There is a wide assortment of planets in the universe to choose from.

As seen in Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG, with a good enough spaceship and some credits, one can travel to any of the many systems in a star cluster. While being a force fielder is a great option, there are certainly other options for someone looking to earn a living.

Someone like Boba Fett or a smuggler like Han Solo can work as a bounty hunter. However, if the detection of such criminal act seems like a risky venture, there is always the Senate to attend to while enjoying the intricacies of politics. Otherwise, there is always the simple life of a damp farmer, or worse, a stupid shepherd.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Who doesn’t want to live in Zelda’s world? At least most fans of video game series would certainly be pleased with such an opportunity. The open world of Hyrule featured in the Breath of the Wild video game is one such perfect occasion, even as Calamity Ganon has taken over Hyrule Castle.

Aside from the Bokoblins and other enemies that are exploring the land, life in Hyrule is great. Despite taking Hyrule Castle, Calamity Ganon isn’t a very active unit, which means ignoring it is the best course of action. The protagonist of Hyrule, Link can live in a peaceful environment while running around Link and defeating dangers.

Becoming a Hylian would mean developing sharp features and pointy ears, but those are minor changes to ponder over in lieu of a lush, colorful world that would be open to explore. Although it is recommended that at least one wooden stick should be carried for self-defense.

5. Cyberpunk 2077


Despite its underwhelming performance, Cyberpunk 2077 is still one of the few games to feature a futuristic setting. The video game’s primary environment is Night City, a neon environment occupied by bio-mechanically advanced individuals who have at least one microchip embedded in their skulls.

Living in such a technologically advanced society would be a dream come true for many, where cellphone usage is a thing of the past. This is mainly because all the functions of a mobile phone are directly integrated with a person’s brain chip. The term “wireless technology” has taken on a whole new meaning.

With self-driving taxi services, holographic lap dances and talking guns, the video game world of cyberpunk demonstrates the pinnacle of human technology, or at least one such possibility. And of course, who can forget cybernetic mods, which can be applied to their bodies to enhance various features?

5 video game open-worlds where settling down would be a bad idea

1. Result


While Fallout video games seem like a lot of fun to play, exploring the wide open wastelands as many of the series’ heroes have been quite adventurous, living in that world would probably be inappropriate for a number of reasons. One of the main ones is probably radiation.

As the game is set in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, the world is irradiated, meaning that being there for extended periods of time could probably cause some horrific mutations on the body. This can be seen in the game, as are many NPCs and monsters, called ghouls because of their mutated form.

A small accidental discovery that leads to instant death seems like a terrible choice of location to set up a house. After all, it’s not like there’s much to do in both, now that most of humanity is gone and TV and the internet being a thing of the past. Get into battle with a Cazador, and it’s game over for life.

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Given the world of The Witcher, well, witches to slay the demons that have been plaguing human lives, coupled with the fact that witches are growing less and less, it seems inevitable that soon. Only monsters will take over the world. Even if it is not, it is still a very dangerous world in which to decide to live.

For one, the only way to tell if there’s a monster in the area is when it’s attacked someone, which means the chances of someone being ruthlessly injured or killed by a sudden monster attack are quite high. Thereafter, a notice is posted in the hope that an expert will come to the settlement and will also be able to kill the said animal.

In the time it would take the famous monster slayer Geralt to show up here, there would likely be even more deaths. It seems that life on the continent is like the roll of a dice most days, not knowing when you will roll a significant one.

This is the case with a regular old demon, and not some sort of complex one like a demon or a hymn. Although they cannot kill their prey outright, they will turn their life into a living hell.

3. God of War (2018)


Normally, life in the Norse land of Midgard would be a peaceful endeavor, at least compared to the Greek depicted in the God of War video game series. With lush green forests, hills and a huge lake, it would be a good place to settle down, or so one would think. Eventually, Kratos thought so, until a killer god came knocking.

But the chances are that if someone is a normal human being, then maybe God will not interfere directly in their life. However, as predicted at the end of the 2018 God of War video game, Fimbulwinter is on its way out. This is a long period of cold and frost three times the normal length of winter, with no heat in between. Talk about a chilling situation.

The world literally ends soon after Fimbulwinter. Known among the Norse as Ragnarok, this is an apocalyptic event where the god Aesir and the Vanir go to battle against the giants with Midgard caught in the middle. Why would anyone want to live in a world that is literally coming to an end?

4. Days Gone


Speaking of the end of the world, the world of the survival horror video game Days Gone is already over. Humanity lives in hiding, as the world is surrounded by infected people. Setting up a home in this fictional setting in the state of Oregon is definitely a bad idea.

The game’s protagonist, Deacon St. John, can only survive due to his trusty motorbike, which allows him a quick escape if he runs into zombies, known in this video game iteration as the Freakers. . Appearing in a crowd, Freakers can easily catch anyone who is not in a faster mode of transport.

Staying in continuous mode is the way to survive in this game, which means no one will stay here for long without a driver’s license. Even if one has a license, it is essential that they know how to maintain their vehicle, as repair shops and garages no longer operate due to zombies.

Unless they enjoy being bitten and carrying mindless body bags turned into spores, people should definitely stay away from this video game world.

5. NieR: Automata


It can be safe to say that being a human in the world of NieR: Automata will probably be one of the most unsafe decisions one can make. Considering that humans have long been extinct in this world, it is likely that resistance to an inquiry would be taken up by androids.

While the lie that humans exist on the Moon in a bunker is not true, as these humans have long since died due to a complex chain of events. The higher authorities of the Resistance know this, and will either quietly kill any new humans the world sees, or send them to the Moon to die alone in a bunker.

If it isn’t, then one could be captured by alien machines that are currently trying to invade Earth. As a new source of data and information, machines will surely study the person, possibly dissecting them and performing post-mortems to boot. The world of NieR isn’t really a great place for humans, and Drakengard hasn’t since the end of the series.

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